Wednesday, November 15, 2023

November 15, America Recycles Day and
Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day

November 15, America Recycles Day and  
Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day

America Recycles Day is dedicated to the promotion of recycling programs in the United States. Since 1997, communities across the country have come together on November 15th to celebrate America Recycles Day.

Keep America Beautiful believes each of us holds an obligation to preserve and protect our environment. Through our everyday choices and actions, we collectively have a huge impact on our world. Keep America Beautiful follows a practical approach that unites citizens, businesses, and government to find solutions for preventing litter, reducing waste, and beautifying communities.

America Recycles Day.
The four “R”s: Refuse, Reuse, Recycle, Reduce.
Get involved to help reach Zero Waste.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

According to the U.S. EPA (US Environmental Protection Agency), recycling:
*Conserves natural resources to help sustain the environment.
Reduces the need for landfilling and incineration.

*Saves energy and prevents pollution.

Recycle Guys in the Supermarket

How You Can Help

1. Each community has different standards for what can be recycled and how to do it. Visit Keep America Beautiful and enter your zip code for your local information and resources.
2. Plastic. Look for the recycling symbol on plastic packaging or containers. #1 and #2 plastics should be accepted by almost every recycler.
3. Cans. Aluminum and steel cans are always welcomed by recyclers, and most metals can be recycled infinitely with no loss of quality.
4. Recycling and Traveling. Keep two trash bags in your vehicle - one bag for garbage, and one for recyclables. Pre-sorting makes it easier to transfer your recyclables to the proper container once you’ve reached your destination.
5. Recycle your wireless phone. Millions of out-of-service phones are waiting to be reused or recycled. Find a local charity with a phone recycling program, or visit  to download a postage-paid mailing label and return your unused phones.
6. Paper. In addition to newspaper recycling, most communities will accept corrugated cardboard, and some will even accept junk mail, catalogs and phone books.
7. Electronics. Never throw old computers, monitors, TV’s, printers, or other electronics in the landfill. Instead, donate them to a local charity for reuse, or find out about your local e-cycling programs.
8. Reduce the amount of trash you throw away and reuse products before you throw them out or recycle them. This creates the least impact on the planet and our resources.

Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day
Before food goes bad consider preparing meals in advance and freezing for later use. The food will last longer - Less Waste

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