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Broward County Dietetic Association,
Tri-County Symposium

March 16, 2010: Broward County Dietetic Association

The Broward County Dietetic Association (BCDA) held their Annual Tri-County Symposium on March 12, 2010. The event coincided with National Nutrition Month. The list of speakers were impressive and covered a wide range of current topics. Barbara Truitt, RD, LDN was the Program Moderator and with the help of the BCDA board under the direction of Sayeeda Hyder, MS, RD, LDN, BCDA President created an outstanding program with an excellent turnout.

Summary of Speakers

Douglas Kalman, PhD, RD, CCRC, FACN
(MRA Clinical Research).
Sports Nutrition: Assessing the Athlete.
Dr. Kalman emphasized an individual should focus on changing their lifestyle and not their weight.

Sami Shafiq, PharmD, AAHIVE (Barry University, NSU, Walgreens Health Services).
Metabolic and Morphologic Lipodystrophy.
Dr. Shafiq explained the relationship of AIDs to muscle and fat wasting.

Elizabeth Stone, MD (Dept of Hematology & Oncology, Cleveland Clinic, Weston, FL).
BRAC Genetic Testing. Dr. Stone described how to use the BRAC analysis to detect the genes for breast and ovarian cancer. The tool is not meant to provide a yes or no answer, but sets guidelines and potential risks for developing cancer.

Christopher Fuzy, MS, RD, LDN (Owner, Lifestyle Nutrition, Inc).
Lifestyle, DNA & Nutrition Counseling.
The possible relationship between DNA, food and supplements were discussed.

Jennifer Marks, MD (Professor of Medicine, University of Miami, Miller School of Medicine, Diabetes Research nstitute). Diabetes. The insulin pump should allow for continuous blood sugar monitoring.

Gail Perry Mason (Senior Director of Investments, Oppenheimer & Co, Inc.).
Finances in difficult times. An informative list of Internet places where you can find discounts and free items and services.

A special thanks to the Sponsors and Vendors.

Meet and Greet South Florida RD Authors:
Lucille Beseler, MS, RD, LDN, CDE author of Nurturing with Nutrition.
Darlene Moppert, MS, RD, LDN author of The Fort Lauderdale Diet.

Lunch was sponsored by Cabot Creamery and the Florida Dairy Council.

  • Florida Dairy Council provided different milk products in order to compare flavor and acceptance.
  • Wild Veggie: Don Knobloch.
  • Simply Thick: Elena Bou, RD, LDN.
  • Lyons: Leslie Carter, RD, LDN.
  • Computrition: Bob Mlakar.
  • Baeta Corporation: Lee Smith.
  • California Walnut Board & Commission sent cases of walnuts with recipes.
  • Nestle HealthCare Nutrition: Melissa Yost, District Manager.
  • Abbott Nutrition: Ron Heron, Broward Area.
Food Drive.
BCDA is committed to serving our community and helping those in need. The canned food drive was a great success and Susan Shapiro, RD donated the canned goods to "Feed the Hungry".

The 2010 BCDA annual workshop was outstanding in addressing current issues in dietetics and nutrition. Alix Landman, RD, MPH, CDE said it best, "Good food, good friends, old and new".
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