Saturday, May 7, 2022

Mother's Day Gifts with
a lot of Love

Healthy and Caring Mother's Day Gifts 

Mothers are special. You can create a gift she will cherish forever without spending any money or very little. Some of my favorite gifts have been handmade.

Gift Ideas for Mom with Zero Calories
Photos or Homemade Cards
Nutrition Consult with a Registered Dietitian
Spa Day or Massage
Online Video
Flowers and/or Balloons
Gift Baskets
Vouchers for:
  1. Go food shopping for a month. 

  2. Wash mom's car. 
  3. Clean the kitchen for a week.
  4. Treat mom to a movie.

Favorite Mother's Day Videos

Anne Geddes pictures to 
Celine Dions song 'A mothers Prayer'

The Mom Song 

I Love You Mommy

The History of Mother's Day News

Dietitian Blog List