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Proud to Love Cooking! - The Kid's Dietitian

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The launching of my new web site “the Kid’s Dietitian” has been an exciting project.  Our team has been working hard to create a site for families to nurture good nutrition.  Childhood obesity remains a significant problem for our youth.  Obesity in Adults is at an all time high leading to heart disease, diabetes and hypertension.  We hope to provide education that leads to individual change.  Our web site will have a collection of articles, tips and recipes.  Yes, recipes because we are starting a movement “Proud to LOVE cooking.”

Over the last 23 years of practice I have seen thousands of clients and their families and often I am told I hate to cook or one noted client told me “I do not do the cooking thing.”

So when did cooking become a skill that we should be ashamed to have.  Goodness with all the cooking shows on TV one would think American cooks but we don’t.  Our children have grown up taking boxes out of the freezer and putting those boxes in another box called a microwave.  Then they get to eat out of a plastic tray! UGH…

No wonder supermarkets and restaurant selling “natural and organic” food are at an all-time popularity.  Our children and adults are longing for wholesome, healthy food, and quasi home cooked.
I am not ashamed to say I love to cook for 1 or 20.  I have been cooking since I was 5 years old alongside my Grandfather.  I had a stool that would get me to the counter and we would cook together, exploring spices and herbs, cleaning vegetables, trimming meat and fish.  I never cut myself because he was there watching out for me! He taught me respect for good fresh food and being a cooking family Mom jump in on my cooking education after work or on the weekends.  The idea was if you like to eat then you should like to cook.  This does not mean you have to make 2 hour gourmet meals but having good basic skills can help you get a meal to the table in less than 30 minutes.  We all have 30 minutes to ensure a great meal gets to the table. Teach your children basic cooking skills. It will help the whole family as they can do some prep work to help get that meal on the table. 

Hope you will join me in our movement - Proud to love cooking! Subscribe at The Kid's Dietitian.

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