Nutrient Analysis Services

Nutritional Analysis is part of our everyday life. We have grown accustomed to nutrition information being readily available.

There are millions of people who depend on nutrition information to meet their dietary needs. Some of the diets include: low calorie, carbohydrate controlled, high protein, low protein, low fat, low cholesterol, low sodium, high fiber, gluten free, lactose free, and peanut allergies.
Why use a dietitian for nutrient analysis?
  • Purchasing nutrient analysis software and learning how to use the program is only useful if you have the knowledge to convert “as purchased” ingredients to the “edible portion.”
  • Recipes are usually written based on what the consumer needs to purchase. The individual analyzing the recipe must evaluate the recipe based on the actual food-ready-to-eat (unless the food is meant to be eaten whole.)
  • A nutritional analysis program cannot cook or prepare meals. A person must have skills in Food Science, Culinary Arts, Nutrition, Cooking and Preparation Techniques, Purchasing Guides, Yield Factors, and Nutrient Analysis Software.
  • To own professional nutrition software with yearly maintenance fees can be expensive. In addition, there is the cost of an educated person to run the software.
Consider adding nutritional analysis to your online recipes. Your readers will benefit from the Nutrition information and a Registered Dietitian. A valuable service for the Recipe Blogger, Media, Cookbook Publishers, Writers, Chefs, and Recipe Websites. Your readers will enjoy and benefit from the Nutritional Analysis.

Take a short quiz to see if you have the knowledge and skills necessary to analyze a recipe?

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