Saturday, February 21, 2015

Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics - Tomorrow the last day to Exercise Your Right to Vote

The Academy has provided a map of the Overall State Affiliate Voting.  

With a group so large and critical issues facing our profession, I would expect more people to be involved. I want to personally encourage each of you to vote in the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Elections. The polls are open now and will stay open until February 22nd.  It takes only a FEW minutes to make a difference in the association.  Click here to vote.

Please consider Lucille Beseler for President-Elect. I have known her for years and I am personally supporting her in this election:
I have worked with Lucille and learned a great deal from her.   She is a true leader and will serve the association well.  Below is a Colleague letter that provides you some insight into her skills and abilities.

Dear Colleague:

As a practicing RDN, business woman, and entrepreneur, I am always looking for new opportunities where I can take the lead to help our profession showcase our knowledge, skills, and talents, as well as the difference we can make in peoples’ lives. My business ventures over the past 24 years prove that I am capable of this as I have built a thriving private practice that has created job opportunities for many RDN’s in the state of Florida. My business also has processed over 45,000 insurance claims and has earned me the reputation of being a leading expert on nutrition reimbursement. In many ways, I have been a successful trailblazer in our profession, which is why I am excited to have the opportunity to provide leadership to the Academy as its next President.

Compensation for our services has not kept pace with other health professions. We need to determine why this is and how we can change it. We have the power to create a more positive perception of the RDN, and NDTR. As president, I plan to work diligently on branding the RDN and NDTR.

Our broken healthcare system is looking for new innovations to improve outcomes. Nutrition is the cornerstone of wellness and prevention. This is our time to seize opportunities to showcase our ability to improve health and lower health costs. This will create meaningful work for our colleagues. I want to lead our members during this time, but I need an engaged membership to do so. I believe I have the ability to motivate and prompt RDNs and NDTRs to become more engaged because of my energy, vision, and passion.

In accordance with the Academy campaign rules you may personally endorse me but not as an Academy leader. Getting the vote out is most important as only 7% of the membership voted last year. Voting parties or setting up voting at district meetings or workplaces can help get the vote out.

In conclusion, I feel strongly about the following issues and will focus my efforts on:
* Branding the RDN/NDTR
* Improving reimbursement for services
* Influencing the creation of new job opportunities
* More at

My years of experience and success in business give me the confidence to be your heels-on-the-ground candidate. Remember, voting matters. Thank you.

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