Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Simple Life...
When Apples and Blackberries Were Only Fruits

The Student Dietetic Association (SDA) at Florida International University (FIU) provided Free Apples and Blackberries to encourage healthy snacking. The technology college students are addicted to and the need for something healthy inspired the event. Students received free antioxidants, fiber and vitamins from the fruits instead of actual cell phones, while they learned the importance of healthy nutritional habits.


“What surprised me the most was that when other clubs give out free pizza, there is a line around the corner, but if you give out free fruits, you really have to market it well. It was a very eye catching, clever idea.”    - Megan Huard

"It’s a great idea that an association is giving out healthy snacks. I was tricked by the advertisement and thought they were giving some kind of phones. At the end, I learned about the benefits of apples and blackberries."   - Mario Garcia

"This was a great opportunity for nutrition education; it was great to see so many students interested in learning more about the benefits of these fruits and about our association."  - Marcela Lucena

The SDA at FIU is dedicated to making the world healthier, one plate at a time. Through on and off campus activities, they serve the community and fellow students as they teach the importance and benefits of good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.

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