Tuesday, October 2, 2018

World Farm Animal Day and Vegetarian Awareness Month

World Farm Animal Day, founded in 1983, is dedicated to exposing and memorializing the needless suffering and death of cows, pigs, turkeys, chickens, and other innocent, sentient animals raised and slaughtered for food. World Farm Animals Day will continue until animals are no longer seen as commodities are raised for their flesh and by-products.

Animal Rescues That Will Make You Happy
that PETA Exists

Vegetarian Resources

1. The Vegetarian Resource Group
2. Peta
3. Vegetarian Nutrition Dietetics Practice Group (VN DPG), Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
4. The Vegan Society
5. Ginny Messina, RDN - Vegan Dietitian: Recipes to Try - Pinterest 
6. MyPlate, Healthy Eating for Vegetarians
USDA Food Patterns: Healthy Vegetarian Eating Pattern - Dietary Guideline for Americans 2015-2020, 8th Edition 

Note from Author.  Education materials are designed to be "Family Friendly;" therefore, I chose not to portray the slaughter of animals.

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