Monday, April 23, 2012

April 23, 2012 Kids Eat Right, Monday Messages

Article of the Week.  Want your kids to get active? Exercise with them. Show them that exercise can be fun instead of a chore.

Hot Tip
Yogurt, even plain yogurt, has sugar, but it can still be a healthy choice for your child's snack or as part of a family meal.

Recipe of the Week
What can be better than buttermilk pancakes for the family Sunday breakfast? How about adding chocolate chips to the batter?

Featured Video
Oats and orange juice aren't just for breakfast! This quick and delicious Southwest Oat and Black Bean Bake incorporates both ingredients to make it a great vegetarian dish as well.

Southwest Oat and Black Bean Bake
presented by Vandana Sheth, CDE RD

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