Friday, August 5, 2011

Dietitians on Twitter

It was March 5, 2009 when I first discovered Twitter. There were only a handful of dietitians using this new form of social media. No one believed it would take off. Over two years later the list would grow to well over a 1000 dietetic and nutrition professionals around the world.

The list is far from complete. It includes dietetic associations, dietetic practice groups, dietitians, dietitians-to-be, and government agencies specializing in nutritional services.

Are you a dietitian or organization utilizing the services of a dietitian? If so, add your twitter account to the comment section below.

EatRight EatRight   The American Dietetic Association is your source for trustworthy, science-based food and nutrition information.
Kids Eat Right A national campaign of the American Dietetic Association and ADA Foundation to promote healthy eating and prevent childhood obesity.
ADAToday ADA Today  The latest information for members of the American Dietetic Association, world's largest organization of food and nutrition professionals.
ADAFNCE ADA FNCE   FNCE 2011 takes place in San Diego - September 24-27. Don't miss the latest nutrition science information, foodservice trends and access to the top experts.
EatRightATL GADA  We empower Greater Atlanta Dietetic Association members to be local food & nutrition experts by providing networking & professional development opportunities.
eatrightco CO Dietetic Assoc
eatrightflorida Florida Dietetic The Florida Dietetic Association is an association of nutrition professionals working and residing in Florida.
eatrightil IL Dietetic Assoc
eatrightiowa IDA  The Iowa Dietetic Association (IDA) is a group of over 800 registered dietitians in Iowa.
EatRight_NJ NJ Dietetic Assoc NJ Dietetic Association, an affiliate of the ADA, is a non-profit professional organization that provides expert food and nutrition resources
EatRightOntario EatRight Ontario Free nutrition advice from Registered Dietitians. Call 1-877-510-5102 or visit
EatrightTexas Texas Dietetic Assoc Texas Dietetic Association, an affiliate of the ADA, is a non-profit professional organization that provide expert food and nutrition resources for Texans.
ChicagoDietetic ChicagoDieteticAssoc
FIU_SDA Student Dietetic Assn.
icd2012 ICD 2012 The Dietitians Association of Australia is proud to be hosting the International Congress of Dietetics in Sydney from 5-8 September 2012.
adaDIFM DIFM DPG  Dietitians in Integrative and Functional Medicine, Dietetic Practice Group of the American Dietetic Association (previously NCC DPG)
SCANutritionDPG SCANutrition DPG Sports, Cardiovascular & Wellness Nutrition - One of the largest American Dietetic Association DPGs with 5,600 members - and counting!
SNAP_Ed SNAP-Ed Connection The USDA SNAP-Ed Connection is a dynamic online resource center for State and local Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Education providers.

101FoodsTCSYL Dave Grotto Changing lives one delicious bite at a time.
121Dietitian Gillian Killiner Local clinic appointments or world-wide web-cam nutritional consultations with an expert Registered Dietitian. Passionate about nutrition and your health.
2be2learn Tracy Petrillo  life long learner, association exec (CAE), meeting & event planner, continuing education specialist, nutrition expert (MS RD)
2eatwellRD Danielle Omar Registered dietitian inspiring food confidence through teaching, speaking, and writing. Creator of the Food Confidence nutrition blog:
7DayMenu Susan Nicholson, RD  RD; plans menus 7/days/wk. New book: 7-Day Menu Planner for Dummies. Oct '10. Born in VA, lived in TX and now in ATL.
AartzRD Aarti Batavia  Registered Dietitian, provides nutrition counselling to help busy people live healthy lives, foodie, speaker.
abortnick Amy Bortnick  “Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.”
abrownrd Alicia Brown  Who knew it could be so much fun to be the Registered Dietitian for Market Street. I'm here to help you Live Well at Market Street.
Abso_Fruitly Katy Connolly  RD, foodie, craft beer lover & everyday chocolate consumer (as part of a balanced diet of course!) Doing what I love in a city I love. Go Chicago.
acarrothersRD Andrea Carrothers  Dietitian (@ WhiteWave Foods) by day, foodie by night. Lover of running, yoga, cooking, wine and traveling. Not necessarily in that order.
aleone10 Angela I love to eat and exercise!! (I'm a registered dietitian with a soft spot for ice cream after a long run!)
ACHNltd Alison Clark, RD Registered Dietitian and owner of nutritional agency with over 300 wellbeing associates across the UK.
ActiveNutrition Maria Faires, RD  Registered Dietitian, Writer, Personal Trainer, Advanced Health & Fitness Specialist
AdamBetzeltRD Adam Betzelt  Evidence based nutrition, food and nutrition philosophy, ethics, and objectivism
ADeliciousLife Stephanie Payne U.S. Registered Dietitian and Australian Nutritionist currently based in Melbourne, Australia. Life Coach, NLP Practitioner and Foodie. !
adriennerecipes Adrienne Hernandez Studying to be a Registered Dietitian, recipe collector, vegetarian, lifetime mac user, gardening, cat owner, wife
albader_b Bashayer Al Bader Dietitian. Epicurean eater. Ex-writer of some sort. Social butterfly. Always in search of something.. Explorer. and the rest will come as life does too
AlexOppRD Alex Oppenheimer, RD  Registered Dietitian, NYU Nutrition MS Student. Passion for social media, communications, & providing credible nutrition information!
alicehenneman Alice Henneman  dietitian, Univ. of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension. Specialize in making healthy eating easy, affordable, safe & delicious! FREE handouts, PowerPoints on website.
AlisonBarkmanRD Alison Barkman MS RD  I'm a dietitian, writer, new mom and addicted to running. I am motivated by great food and Napa Valley wines :)
allergicfoods Allergic Foods  Registered Dietitian, Certified Diabetes Educator, Food Allergy Specialist
Allie_RD Allison Nicole  I'm a Registered Dietitian, food and nutrition consultant, NASM certified trainer, nutrition blogger at PickyEatingRD
allisonbeadle Allison Beadle registered dietitian. food and nutrition communications consultant. food lover. travel lover. cycling lover. Texas lover.
AllisonMarco Allison Marco  Registered Dietitian, American University Graduate Student, Foodie, Blogger, Adventurist
ALucasConsults Adrienne Lucas  A Registered dietitian in Huntsville, AL. I love food-especially healthy food. Also:running and yoga! I love teaching how a healthy lifestyle can change lives!
Alyssa_RD Alyssa - MS, RD  Registered Dietitian::~ A self-proclaimed nutrition nerd who's passionate about nutrition/wellness! I'm always cooking something up... ;)
AmarisNoguera Amaris Noguera, RD Registered dietitian with a master's degree in public health, learning daily how we can all eat, play & cook smarter.
ameliahanbury Amelia Hanbury   Nutritionist. Student Dietitian at Curtin University.
amfoodnutrition Michelle Albee Matto Registered Dietitian and Mom, tweeting from the intersection of good nutrition and real life!
AMNutritionSvcs AMNutritionServices  We are a group of Registered Dietitians providing Medical Nutrition Therapy to clients of all ages & medical conditions/health issues.
amriew Amrie  RD to Be! Future UC San Diego Medical Center Dietetic Intern
amyhathawayRD Amy Hathaway, RD  clinical dietitian, technical writer/editor, product formulator, mom, and frequent purveyor of SM
AmyMcArthurRD Amy McArthur, RD Nutrition & Wellness Coach for Busy Families. 8-step system leads to easy weight management, more energy & vitality, enhanced self-esteem, & happy family meals.
AmyMyrdalMiller Amy Myrdal Miller A farmer's daughter from North Dakota with a twisted sense of humor about food and nutrition.... Cheeses is my savior!
amyrd23 Amy Frady  Registered Dietitian working for USDA. Enjoys running, teaching step and pump classes.
AnAppleADayRD Louise Goldberg  Louise Goldberg RD, CSP, CNSC, pediatric dietitian, writer, hiker, runner, cook & mama. Child & Family nutrition info + healthy family finds around Houston
AndreaChernusRD Andrea Chernus RD, Board Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics, author, consultant to The Juilliard School, Certified Diabetes Educator.
AndreaG_RD Andrea Garen, MA, RD  Registered dietitian and mother of two. Passionate about helping people achieve good health with nutritious food, manage at Dairy Council of CA
AndreNutrition Andrea Castellanos  Bachelor of Science from FIU in Dietetics and Nutrition Master of Science from UAB in Human Nutrition Certified in Children and Adolescent Weight Management
AndrewDietitian Andrew Wilson A UK Dietitian with experience providing nutrition advice in areas including: Diabetes, weight management, nutrition support, heart disease, IBS & elderly care.
angiesappetite Angie Tillman Registered Dietitian. Fitness Instructor. Food lover. My specialty is practical nutrition for real life. Wellness is about progress, not perfection.
AnnDelTrediciRD Ann Del Tredici, RD Registered Dietitian (RD) and Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE), Writer, Gardener and....Foodie!
AnnDewar Ann Dewar Dietitian and CEO of the Diet For Diverticulitis Organization
anndunawayteh Ann Dunaway Teh  Registered dietitian, mom, avid athlete and cook that enjoys sharing her passion for nutrition and good living with others
Antiopi_Nt e-Dietitian  registered dietitian, doing a PhD in infant nutrition, passionate about mediterranean food and culture
anugrahr Diet Engineer Dietitian, Meal planner, Health Professional, analytical and new to social media business.
appetite4health Appetite For Health As dietitians, we share-bite for bite – how we strive to eat healthier in the real world of food.
applerd Allison Director, Consumer Health and Education for the U.S. Apple Association helping promote apples and apple products health benefits and taste!
ar0uge Andrea Rougé  Food. Nutrition. Hunger Issues. Happy Hour. I'm a Dietitian & Manager of Cooking Matters Colorado. AND I'm adopting twins from Ethiopia!
aroundtheplate Kati Mora, MS, RD dietitian, mom, blogger, health nut, crafty lady
AshleaAlmostRD Ashlea Braun Coordinated student in Medical Dietetics at Ohio State & an RD in ~3 MONTHS! I'm serious about nutrition & want RDs to be known as THE nutrition professionals!
Ashley_RD Ashley Rosales, RD  Registered Dietitian, writer/blogger, foodie, mom of a toddler, passionate about food & nutrition education, RD at Dairy Council of CA
ashley_vidya Ashley Ritchie dietitian, foodie, cook, yogini, and runner. Doing what I love and loving what I do.
AshleyCanningRD Ashley Canning MS,RD Registered Dietitian here to keep you updated on food, nutrition, and health topics.
AshleyGrimwade Ashley Grimwade Registered Dietitian, Fitness Coach, Fitness Instructor & Bride 2 Be!! Tips, tricks and tools to get you healthy and fit! :)
ashleykoff Ashley Koff RD Celebrity Dietitian. Qualitarian. Author (Mom Energy). Media contributor. Founder: AshleyKoffApproved (AKA) is THE stamp of quality nutrition
ashleyrdtx ashleycolpaart  Registered Dietitian and Farm to Institution Coordinator for Tierra Miguel Farm and Foundation and the San Diego Growers
AskForNutrition Alyssa Chicci RD,CDE  I am a Registered Dietitian and Diabetes Educator. I believe in making good nutrition information and diabetes education available to everyone.
AsktheDietitian Ask the Dietitian Joanne Larsen | | dietitian passionate about helping people make healthier food choices.
atsimoes310 Adriana Simoes  #RD2be who loves food, traveling, and volunteering
AutismRD Sharon Lemons  I'm a Dietitian who happens to have two boys with autism.
AzminaNutrition Azmina Nutrition  Consultant nutritionist and award-winning dietitian, broadcaster and best-selling author. We offer credible nutrition insights to PR agencies and the media
BarbieRD Barbie Cervoni  RD in the Endcrinology Dept. at Cohen Children's Medical Center. Free lance nutrition writer. Co-founder of Credible Nutrition (private practice).
BariAthleteRD Lea M Crosetti Registered Dietitian and triathlete. Specialized in bariatrics and sports nutrition, helping post-op bariatric athletes efficiently fuel their new bodies.
BBoothRD Brandon Booth  Sports Dietitian. I help individuals improve their performance and health through nutrition education and counseling. Experienced PB & Banana sandwich developer
BCur7i55 8/377 (|_|/7155 Dietetic Intern @ Loyola University Chicago pursuing a Masters in Dietetics & Vegan Menu consultant for a Chicago Deli
beckydorner Becky Dorner  Registered Dietitian specializing in nutrition care of older adults. President of Becky Dorner & Associates, Inc. Speaker, author, consultant, advocate.
BeefRD NCBA  Brought to you by dietitians working with America's farmers & ranchers. Responses also monitored & updated by beef communications team RDs.
beegood Kate Scarlata, RD  Runner, nutritionist, writer
BellyHugs Dawn Michelle Simon  Energetic RD, Food Scientist, Special Diet Expert, BellyHugs, pres. Organic, Gluten Free, Casein Free, Soy Free Cookies, Cupcakes, Muffins, Breads and more.
BentFork_Krista Krista Leck Merner  Professional Dietitian specializing in Individual & Workplace Wellness!
bestbites4kids Best Bites for Kids  Healthy food for bite at a time. Diane Brown RD and Laura Osborne Ng.
BethStarkRD Beth Stark  Supermarket RD who boils down the latest nutrition info. to takeaway messages all can use. Loves to cook, eat and run!
BeWellEveryDay Everyday Wellness Interests are childhood obesity, pediatric nutrition, wellness/prevention, and weight management.
BeyondDiets Dorene Robinson RD Weight Management Specialist: Professional speaker, author, and continuing education provider on healthy weight loss and healthy eating.
BHNDPG BHNDPG Behavioral Health Nutrition (BHN)experts in the areas of:Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, Eating Disorders, Mental Illness, Addictions
bigredmannyp Manny Prieto, RD I am a Registered Dietitian and Certified Personal Trainer based from Long Island, NY with degrees from Cornell and Columbia.
BigYLWES LWES - Big Y  Big Y's Living Well Eating Smart program- information for a better you!
BilliGrossman Priscilla Grossman   Registered Dietitian, Foodservice Expert, Mom, Internet Marketer, Optimist, Baby Boomer, Good Friend, Follower of Terrain Therapy
BindusRD Mark Bindus RD LD  Registered Dietitian - Providing Nutrition Tweets to Improve Your Health
BitchnNutrition Brooke Schantz  I am a Registered Dietitian with a M.S. in Nutritional Sciences. I am passionate about nutrition, my field and protesting incorrect nutrition information.
Bl3ss3d_Jade iBeDatNikki Future RD 2 Be! On this journey called LIFE. iResearch. iTravel. iMYiPhone. NOW LET'S EAT & BE MERRY
bnutritious Brooke Alpert  Brooke Alpert is a registered dietitian, founder of B Nutritious and author of the upcoming book Healthy Eating During Pregnancy.
bobseebohar Bob Seebohar   Sport Dietitian, High Performance Triathlon Coach, great dad, ultra endurance athlete
BonnieBOTB Bonnie Tandy Leblang Food Blogger at, Foodie, Syndicated Columnist, Registered Dietitian
bonnielouie Bonnie Louie A registered dietitian who loves food, cooking, yoga, books, movies, and travel.
BonSante Kathy Thames, RD Weight Loss, medically supervised diet, dietitian
BorgmeyerRD Alison Borgmeyer  Dietitian in nutrition PR at Ketchum + tired mom of a busy toddler. Love living in Chicago, watching reality TV and eating Raisinets.
BostonNutrition Carolyn C Hintlian  Consulting Nutritionist (MPH, MBA, RD, LDN), Certified Kundalini Yoga instructor (IKYTA). Passion for helping others through nutrition.
BreeaJohnson Breea Johnson, MS RD Breea Johnson, MS RD. Private Practice Nutritionist. Fertility Nutritionist @ Pulling Down the Moon. School Food Service Consultant.
Bridget_RD Bridget Ortego, RD  Currently working on my master's. Employed as Clinical Dietitian. My goals are to become certified in diabetes education & have my own practice.
BridgetTxRD Bridget Swinney RD I'm a Registered Dietitian, award-winning author and Mom on a mission to help families eat healthier. Also a spokesperson for the Texas Dietetic Association.
BrierleyWright Brierley Wright R.D.  registered dietitian, nutrition editor for EatingWell, writer, cook, runner
BrittanyG_RD Brittany Glassett,RD  Gluten-free Registered Dietitian and Certified Personal Trainer out to debunk diet fads and simplify the science of being healthy.
BrookeApproved Brooke Sinclair  Future MPH, RD
BrownandMedina BrownMedinaNutrition  Brown & Medina Nutrition (formerly of Joy Bauer Nutrition)is a comprehensive private practice of RDS specializing in individual & family nutritional counseling.
BryanaRD2B Bryana Piazza I am a dietetics student at San Diego State University and I believe in the power of food!
ButlerRD Sarah Butler
BVMRD Aaron Flores, RD I am a registered dietitian and foodie. I am here to help you navigate the complicated world of nutrition with a little balance variety and moderation!
CabotRD Cabot Creamery RD Our Registered Dietitian shares nutrition news from the Makers of the World's Best Cheddar!
CaitlinLeff Caitlin Leff, MS  Soon to be RD who loves teach about food and nutrition as a way to emphasize the positive change that health can bring about to anyone's life!
CaitlinReid Caitlin Reid  Accredited nutritionist, exercise physiologist, author & health writer. Inspiring others to achieve healthy, happy & more fulfilling lives. Rabbitohs dietitian
Camey_Demmitt Camey Demmitt  Accredited Practising Dietitian, Registered Dietitian, Specialist of Gerontology Nutrition. My passion lies in aged care nutrition & living with a nutty twist.
CancerRD R. Brannon MS,RD,CSO  Oncology Dietitian obsessed with cancer prevention, gardening, exercise, and eating!
CandidRD Gina A supermarket dietitian with a passion for empowering people to live healthier lives without deprivation. After all, what's life w/out beer & chocolate?
CarleneFutureRD Carlene Helble A registered dietitian in training with VA Tech,interning,writing about nutrition & food with a soft spot for local. Cooking my heart out in stilettos & style.
carlymaxineRD Carly Sopko RD  Registered dietitian, passionate about holistic health and nutrition, loves dark chocolate, heading to the Peace Corps Dec '11
CarolCasey Carol Casey RD.& Scientist, USN Vet, BIKER, Pragmatic humor. Patriot Guard.
CarolFenwickRD Carol Fenwick  Registered Dietitian and ACSM Certified Health Fitness Specialist, Masters of Health Sciences
carolynoneil carolynoneil Registered dietitian who writes about food, nutrition and cuisine. You might remember me from CNN or see me as Lady of Fridge on Good Eats. When's dinner?
carrieonvegan Carrie I tweet daily pics of healthy, vegan meals. I also write a blog and study like a madwoman for my MPH/RD degrees.
CarrieSinCA Carrie A mom striving to raise healthy kids after finally getting healthy myself. Studying to be a Dietitian. I love my family, my dogs, blogs, reading and running.
CarrieTaylorRD Carrie Taylor Foodie dietitian currently employed as a Supermarket RD who loves teaching how to make small, impactful behavior changes that are tasty and o' so fun!
carternutrition Erin S. Carter RD,LD Registered & Licensed Dietitian-passionate about our environment, food, our best health possible and everything in between.
CBDiekman Connie Diekman  Nutrition communicator
CDToner Cheryl Toner Registered Dietitian, writer, facilitator, by day. Mom & wife, 24x7. Love people, conversation, good food, music, playing with my a full life.
CH_Nutrition Leah Newmark  I am a registered dietitian and I am also certified in weight management. Ready to get healthy?
chefkylerd Kyle Shadix Chef Registered Dietitian
cherebork Chere Bork I promise you practical every day science you can eat along with fun & non-judgmental support no matter what.Professional speaker, spokesperson,author,foodie RD
chernutrition Cher Nutrition  Founder Cher Nutrition, Author, Friend, Let's help everyone eat more healthfully.
CherylForbergRD Cheryl Forberg, RD  Nutritionist for NBC's The Biggest Loser, James Beard award-winning chef, NYT bestselling author, nutrition advisor for Prevention magazine.
cherylharrisrd Cheryl Harris Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist, Celiac advocate, Gluten-free cook, baker, teacher, speaker, writer & eater. Avid gardener. Recipe blog:
ChickNik Nicole German, RD  Registered Dietitian tweeting about nutrition, health, exercise, blogging, and life.
ChobaniNicki Nicki Briggs, MS, RD  Chobani's official dietitian, lucky enough to be working for America's #1 Greek Yogurt.
chocoholicRD Andrea Holwegner The Chocoholic Dietitian, Foodie, President Health Stand Nutrition Consulting, Speaker, Writer, Blogger, Food Industry Consultant, Nutrition Coach, Mom & Wife
ChocolateBroc Amber Massey RD/LD Registered dietitian with a passion for a healthful palate, striving to encourage the return to the kitchen- learning how to Eat Right- Taste Well
chowandchatter RebeccaSubbiah RD  Registered Dietitian (UK + US), blogger, world traveler and social media fan.
ChrisMarquette Marquette Nutrition Christine Marquette is a registered & licensed dietitian (nutritionist) and certified Health Fitness Specialist, working in Austin, TX
chrisrosenbloom Christine Rosenbloom I'm registered dieitian, professor emerita of nutrition, writer and consultant to various organizations and industries.
ChrissyBarthRD Chrissy Barth  Nutrition and Yoga Consultant / Media and Communications Expert
ChrissyCarroll1 Chrissy Carroll Registered Dietitian, ACSM Certified Personal Trainer, Marathoner, and Triathlete!
Christinekw Chris Weithman RD with national healthcare co (HMR) interested in all areas of nutrition, tips for healthy living, new products, & all sports especially women's soccer
CJNutrition CJ Nutrition 2 nutritionists/RDs. what we're eating. what we're drinking. what we're doing.
ClaudiaZapata Claudia Zapata MS,RD Registered Dietitian and health columnist for the San Antonio Express-News hoping to spread the health with tweets about nutrition and fitness.
CoachChris_RD Chris Newport  Endurance NEWtrition, LLC founder, Registered Dietitian (RD), USA Triathlon Expert Coach, personal trainer, yoga instructor, cyclist and triathlete
CoachDann Nicole Dann  I am a Registered Dietitian. I have a Masters in Food and Nutrition. Interested in sports nutrition, want to become a CSSD. I am a runner and a coach
CompassionateRD Christine Thomson  Dietitian. Life Coach. Mother of 3. Lover of life. Dedicated to helping women calm the chaos in their lives so they can live life on purpose.
CookingAuntJess Jessica Krane Registered Dietitian, personal chef & blogger focusing on childhood nutrition while fighting childhood obesity 1 recipe at a time! Visit
CookingRD Victoria Goodman I am a Registered Dietitian/Licensed Dietitian-Nutritionist who will post nutrition information and healthy,easy recipes.
CooperNutrition Cooper Nutrition  Cooper Nutrition Education & Communications provides workshops, guest lectures, and publications on eating well for the body and for the environment.
COREFitnessDE Arianne Missimer  Owner CORE Fitness, DPT, RD, LDN, NASM-CPT, NSCA-CSCS, TPI Medical Golf Professional and Certified Golf Fitness Instructor, FMS Specialist
CoreyHollandRD Corey Holland Registered Dietitian with a passion for using technology to communicate with consumers & professionals
CourtSportRD Courtney Walberg, RD  Find your life balance and revitalize your health with personalized nutrition & fitness consulting and behavior modifications! Extremely passionate about health
CPSDA Sports RD's Collegiate & Professional Sports Dietitians Assn. (CPSDA)
CraigtHunt Craig T. Hunt RD Nutrition prof, dad, enjoy dark-roast coffee, hopped-up beers and cars, will eat healthful fast food, closet ski bum, tried vegetarianism - like steak.
HelenAtSodexo Helen Winter I love my job. I help clinical dietitians begin thier career with Sodexo
CraveHealth Ashley Besecker, RD Owner, Dietitian, Speaker and Author for Crave Health. A Pepperdine undergrad and Vanderbilt grad frequently tweeting from local restaurants.
creamhill Beth Armour   Cream Hill Estates helps people with celiac disease (CD) through research, product development & education. Tweets by Beth Armour, dietitian.
CuseSportsRD Jess Garay Redmond  MS, RD, CSCS, provide sports nutrition/weight management counseling & teach yoga when I'm not working on my PhD in Exercise Science!
customfitnutr Custom Fit Nutrition Registered and Certified Dietitian & Nutritionist offering expert nutrition counseling for a variety of medical conditions, specializing in food sensitiviti
cvertucci Christine Vertucci  Certified Professional Dog Trainer, pit bull advocate, Rottie Mom, shelter volunteer, Registered Dietitian and Chicago Bulls fan...
cyberRD Dina Aronson I love bringing together nutrition and web technology.
CynthiaKupper Cynthia Kupper  Exec Dir. GIG, dietitian, author, consultant - GF food services & manufacturers, animal lover, service dog trainer, mom, grandma, fun!
cynthiasass Cynthia Sass  NY Times best selling author, SHAPE contributor, lover of natural & organic food, NY Rangers nutritionist/RD seen on Today, GMA, Rachael Ray, Nightline...
daily_dietitian Daily Dietitian Your life, only healthier!
DailyEatingTip Licensed Dietitian Eating right . . . we want to do it but just don't know how. A nutrition expert providing daily tips you can use to help make your eating more healthy.
DaniSpies Dani Spies  Health Counselor, Fitness Trainer and Mom making simple, nourishing meals fun, fresh, and delish!
Daragodfrey Dara Godfrey, MS. RD  The New York Nutritionist and mother of Miss Allegra
davidgrotto davidgrotto  I provide nutrition Smack-Down for your reading pleasure.
DavidJohnsRD David Johns   A registered dietitian in the UK coming to the end of a PhD in dietary patterns and CVD in the severely obese. Tweeting on nutrition and public health.
daynutrition Barbara Day  Registered dietitian -lifestyle, nutrition,& wellness specialist. Author HIGH ENERGY EATING. Radio Talk Show Host.
dbfact deb belcore  R.D., M.B.A. specializing in nutrition for fat-loss and anti-aging lifestyles.
DCdietitian Jennifer Reilly  Healthy eating should be hip, simple, and fun. You only live once, but you eat multiple times a day.
dearnutrition Monica Lobo, RD, LDN  Chicago Dietitian - Uncovering links to nutrition and life. Because it is, was, and always will be...all (nutritionally) relative!
DeCA_Dietitian DeCA Dietitian  Official Ask the DeCA Dietitian Website, Follow does not = endorsement
DelishNutrish Fatimah Aspiring RD (to be).. working towards MS in Nutrition at NYU. Former children's book editor. I eat, I speak, I play, I learn, I love, I worry, I wonder, I hope.
DeniseGarbinski Denise Garbinski, RD  Registered Dietitian  functional medicine and holistic nutrition / Health and Wellness marketing maven
DennyDietitian Deanna D Current dietetic intern. Passionate about keeping up to date about recent nutrition/health news and tips.
DesireeRD Desiree Nielsen RD Registered Dietitian for Choices Markets, vegetarian, friend of the Vancouver Celiac Society, foodie blogger and Gal about Town...
DevotedRD Jane Gray Bledsoe I am a very passionate Registered Dietitian devoted to fulfilling ADA's vision of optimizing the nation's health one patient at a time!
dhenderiks diane henderiks food & nutrition specialist, personal chef, dietitian, cookbook author, Jersey girl, mom, lovin' life
DiabetesCook Jackie Mills Cookbook author, recipe developer, and registered dietitian specializing in healthy, delicious cooking for people with diabetes.
diabetesevryday Toby Smithson  Registered Dietitian; diabetes educator; American Dietetic Assn Spokesperson; support with professional guidance-personal experience
DianaLipsonBurg Diana Lipson-Burge Registered Dietitian specializing in wt mgt, disordered eating, ADHD, and diabetes. Teaching and learning how to stay mindful and in the moment.
dianehellerrd Diane W. Heller RD 30 yrs+,managing clinicians,training dietetic interns,providing worksite wellness programs, nutrition counseling and nutrition education in public schools.
DianeKeddyRD Diane Keddy, MS, RD  provide nutrition counseling for eating disorders, diabetes, wellness, fibromyalgia, PCOS and other health concerns.
DianeKress Diane Kress  Author of The Metabolism Miracle, Registered Dietitian, Diabetes Educator, Weight Loss Specialist. Owner of The Nutrition Center of Morristown.
DianneMHarrison dharrison58 Sr Dir Talent Acquisition at Sodexo, the largest private employer of dietitians in the US. Focus on recruiting dietitians and clinical nutrition managers.
DIET_FREE Zonya Foco, RD  In DIET FREE, ZONYA pulls out all the stops, delivering equal parts entertainment and education all the way.
Diet_MythBuster Darin Spurlock RD  A Registered Dietitian, giving out advice through my daily eating and workout habits and whatever comes to mind. Using #TweetnEat and #howIstayfit
DietAdvisor Sulander MS RD CDE  Registered Dietitian and Certified Diabetes Educator. Down to earth lifestyle coach. Work in Tribal Health system and enjoy nature.
DietDiaryTwt Diet Diary Twt The Jump Start Method! This 17 Minute Video Training Session Will End The Problems Of Being Short On Time And Equipment!!
DietDivaTara Tara Gidus Nutrition Expert, Registered Dietitian, blogger, nutrition contributor on Daily Buzz TV show, Sports Dietitian for Orlando Magic
DietExpertNJ Erin Palinski, RD Nutrition & Fitness Expert- Media Spokesperson- Author - Registered Dietitian- Certified Personal Trainer- Certified Diabetes Educator
Dietgenics Araceli Vazquez,RD  Nutritionist providing the natural Medical Nutrition Therapy method, with no drugs or quick fix solution
Dietitian2 Aidan Rankin Ma  Qualified Dietitian/Nutritionist & soon to be Personal Trainer. Providing Daily Nutrition & Health Tips to Twitter.
dietitian4you Adam Lax  Nutrition expert with practical solutions for healthy nutritional lifestyles.
DietitianAlli Allison Loyd  Dietitian who loves golf, swimming, food, live music, books, and living life. Dietetic Internship Director for Lenoir-Rhyne University in Hickory NC.
DietitianCChong Catherine Chong  Accredited Practising Dietitian
DietitianChels Chelsey Armstrong RD Registered Dietitian and Nutrition Consultant for Simply For Life. From Prince Edward Island. LOVES nutrition, running, food,& learning something new everyday.
DietitianDaily Gretchen Fisher RDCD Registered dietitian w/pediatric specialty, cookbook author, public speaker & menu writer. She is enthusiastic,motivating,&helps make eating easy & nutritious.
DietitianExpert Sherri Pinero,RD,CDE  Nutrition expert guru who specializes in diabetes and weight loss and loves music.
DietitianInNYC Leigh Kusovitsky  Registered Dietitian and strong anti-hunger advocate! Feed everyone! End hunger!
DietitianJanel Janel Ovrut Funk RD Registered Dietitian helping you reach your nutrition goals one bite at a time.
dietitianlyn Lyn Turton RD Wife, Mom, Registered Dietitian & Health Coach dedicated to helping families live healthy lives. From UK now in USA.
DietitianMom Christine Reese MS in Nutrition, BS in Dietetics and in CIS.
DietitianNYC Maria A Bella, MS,RD Registered Dietitian and founder of Top Balance Nutrition who started her career in nutrition with a personal weight loss of over 70 lbs.
DietitianOnline  Registered Dietitian, over 25 years in journalism, research; web, blog & media designs for RDs
DietitianRecipe Recipe for Health Recipe for Health is a nutrition counselling and consulting practice with registered dietitians in St. John's, NL.
DietitiansDiet Paige Espenship, RD  Here to let you see a dietitian's diet.
DietitianServQ Dietitian Services Cathie Lowe is an APD who works with individual clients, aged care facilities and food services with the motto of coaching you to optimal nutrition.
DietitianSherry SherryColemanCollins  Believer. RD. Wife. Sis. Daughter. Friend. Lover of fruit & veg. Fearless in the kitchen. Changing the world - 1 bite at a time. I work for peanuts!
dietitiansongo Laura Reid,RD  Dietitian, Mom, CDE, MEd, owner of Dietitians on the Go! - Fitting Healthy Eating into Busy Lifestyles.
DietNetwork Dietitian Directory   Internet Directory of Dietitians
dietriffic Mel Thomassian R.D. Wife. Mum. Dietitian. Dietriffic is my online home. I'm happiest in my little kitchen cooking up a storm!
DietsInReview DietsInReview  Your online resource for health and weight loss information. More than 1000 reviews, daily diet blog and free healthy recipes. Shaping a Healthier You!
DietsNZ2011 Dietitians NZ 2011 Dietitians New Zealand Conference 22 - 24 August 2011 Rutherford Hotel, Nelson Global - Local - Us Te Ao - Te Motu - Tātau
DinaJ Dina L   I'm a Dietitian who loves animals, MOVIES, tech gadgets, Sci-Fi, nutrition, gaming, MUSIC, beauty products, fashion & social media networking!
dinazamfotis Dina Zamfotis Registered dietitian/nutritionist focused on helping people build a healthy lifestyle in the urban environment.
DineRight Jan Patenaude RD CLT  RD specialist in adverse food/chemical reactions -Co-author of Certified LEAP Therapist training.
dinner365days Tracy Owens  By day, a registered dietitian in private practice. by night, a tired working woman/mom trying to come home and get a dinner on the table!
DishByTrish Trish RD Registered Dietitian ~ Healthy Food Blogger ~ Wellness Advisor ~ Lover of Tennis + Travel ~ sharing my path to healthier, more delicious days.
Diva_RD Liz Spivey, MS, RD  Registered Dietitian. Purpose: Educate & Inspire others, esp women 2B all U can B. I'm a phenomenal women interested in like-minded ppl. Christian. Wife!
DivaDietitian Diva Dietitian The Skinny on Nutrition (fashion, cocktails & cupcakes included) Helping you eat right, feel good and have fun! Also Follow: @MenuBlurb @KristieFinnan
djblatner Dawn Jackson Blatner  National Food and Nutrition Expert. Author of The Flexitarian Diet. Natural Foods Cooking Instructor. Produce Lover.
DLNutrition Nicole Cormier, RD  I'm a registered dietitian that comes to you!
DogLovingRD Julie Plasencia  Registered Dietitian, Lover of Dogs, Yoga, Technology, Apple prods, Ethnic foods, & socializing. Louie's Mama. Spartan 4life. Soy bilingue.
DorianDossRD DorianDossRD  I AM a clinical RD, a WIC RD, a foodie...I AM an equal opportunity eater. No food snobbery here!
dorothyshaver Mission Nutrition Kroger Dietitian
dotFITDietitian dotFIT Dietitian Registered dietitian and certified personal trainer. Lead Dietitian for
DougCookRD Doug Cook Dietitian/nutritionist helping people to use the power of nutrition to prevent + heal disease. Author, consulting, PR/media, speaker. Eat local foods!
DOXYS_dietcoach Doxys bonjourhola registred dietitian - nutritionist - diététicien - Doxys free online nutrition coach - meals designer - online community - internet
drjongcom Carol Jong, PhD, RD  Eat smart. Live well.
drlisayoung Lisa Young  nutritionist, author, speaker, portion-size guru, professor
drsusanmitchell Dr. Susan Mitchell  Known for her smart, sassy straight talk about food and fitness, Dr. Mitchell helps you navigate through the hype of conflicting nutrition information.
durrah03 Durrah Dietetics graduate. Sports Nutritionist.Passionate runner.Into photography. Baking enthusiast.Starbucks luver.
DWeaveRD Diane Weaver  I am a Registered Dietitian specializing in weight management, diabetes, and making healthy living REALISTIC! You don't have to be a health nut to be healthy
e2dietitian Sheryl Lozicki #Good4U Tweet Originator: Sports, wellness & family nutrition tips. E2 = Eating & Exercise for Optimal Fitness.
EasyNutrition Ali Kleiner an RD2Be! Dietetic Intern @ CUNY Queens College & Masters Student for Nutrition & Exercise Science. A passion for nutrition, fitness, weight loss & body image!
Eat_Abundantly Jamie L Doherty, RD  Registered Dietitian finishing up my Master's at Framingham State. Love all things surrounding food. Also love Environmental Health & Birds.
eat_ryt_girl Martha McHenry  Registered Dietitian providing nutrition solutions to individuals, groups and corporations. Dedicated to preventing Diabetes!
eat2bfit Shelley Schwartz  Registered Dietitian & Owner of Exercise Nutritional Health!
eat4performance Penny Wilson I am sports dietitian and athlete. I enjoy food and being active. I also enjoy helping others fit food into their busy and active lifestyles.
Eat4YourHealth Caitlin Russell  Soon-to-be registered dietitian who goes against the grain. Masters in Nutrition, 2010
eatcleanguru Diane Welland  Dietitian, food writer, locavore, author - 2 books. Mom who loves to be in the kitchen, eat clean, cook local, garden, eat adventurously.
eatfitforlife Pratik Patel  Registered Dietitian specializing in Sports Nutrition, Fitness, and Weight Loss
EatHealthyInfo Eat Healthy Info Credible, reliable nutrition information from the American Dietetic Association and the ADA Evidence Analysis Library.
eatingagain Sharon Salomon Freelance food, nutrition, fitness and lifestyle writer; registered dietitian; eater extraordinaire; lover of all things fried especially chicken and potatoes
eatingdrinknyc Joanne TehraniRD registered dietitian. food fanatic. nyc lover. wine drinker.
EatingFree Eating Free  Manuel Villacorta MSRD CSSD founder/Eating Free. Stop dieting, stop starving yourself. Learn to eat free! Manage and lose weight with food and eating experts.
eatingpermitRD Julie Duffy Dillon Registered Dietitian, Counselor & anti-diet zealot armed to end the normalization of disordered eating. I hope to give you permission to enjoy eating again.
EatingRD Kristen Registered Dietitian who loves healthy cooking, food photography, blogging, fitness, sports nutrition, dancing, finished my 2nd century & joined a cycling team!
Eatingsoulfully Constance B Riggs  Registered Dietitian, Diabetes Educator, Author-The African American Guide To Living Well With Diabetes & Spokesperson for American Dietetic Association.
EatItTweetIt Jessica Maillet  An RD + ACSM personal trainer with the buzz on nutrition + fitness + my food faves and craves
eatlikethepros Eat Like the Pros Founded by Julie Burns, MS, RD, CCN, Eat Like the Pros is Chicagoland's premier organic meal delivery service!
EatLiveRunWell Lindsay Frank Registered Dietitian, sustainability & healthy lifestyle advocate and runner, all in a day :)
eatlivewell Lisa Bunce, MS, RD  Helping people make positive changes in their lives
eatsmartAZ Barbara Ruhs, RD  Registered Dietitian for Bashas' Family of Stores. Adventure-eater, foodie & outdoor junkie. Former Bostonian enjoying 365 sunshine!
eatsmartbd Bonnie Taub-Dix Realistic guidance w/out gimmicks. Motivational Spkr, Media Spksperson, Nutrition Consultant, Author: Read It Before You Eat It
Eatspectit Jessica McGovern, RD Registered Dietitian, Chef, Graduate Student and sloppy eater. Lets talk about food and nutrition.
eatWell_beWell Orianna E. RD, LDN Registered Dietitian || Certifed Yoga Instructor || Wellness Promoter || Health IT Enthusiast
EatWell2BeWell Emma Baker I'm a recent Med Diet graduate from The Ohio State University & am currently prepping for the RD exam. I love learning all I can about health and wellness! :)
EatWellNW Heather Helmy, RD  Founded by Registered Dietitian Heather Helmy, EatWellNW empowers and supports individuals and families on their journey toward optimal living.
 eatwellrd Lisa Stollman, MA,RD Nutrition expert in weight management, diabetes and plant-based diets. Love teaching people how to make great food choices for a healthy weight and life!
EatWriteRetreat Casey B. & Robyn W. Eat, Write, Retreat is a hands-on conference for food writers and bloggers, taking place in Washington DC on May 20-22, 2011. Consider it a learning vacation!
ECNutrition Tracy Yemma  President, Energy Center Nutrition. 4 locations. Our licensed RDs successfully coach clients to lose weight safely and enjoy eating healthful foods!
ediblenutrition Wendy Jo A foodie, nutritionist/dietitian, wife, crafter, and outdoor enthusiast. Finding an edible approach to a life worth tasting!
eileenbehan eileenbehan Registered dietian,author of nine books on family nutrition, the recipe Guru for NHPTV's LiveFIT NH series.
ElaineHastings Elaine Hastings RD Health & wellness expert. spokesperson. author. sports & fitness nutritionist. appears on FOX News, ABC, CBS, NBC. Columnist for Gannett Co. athlete. mom.
elanaRD elana natker Registered dietitian, food lover and communications expert just living the dream.
elisazied Elisa Zied RD, creator of The ZIED GUIDE blog/newsletter, 3-time author, spokesperson & proud wife/mom.
ElizabethEats Elizabeth Jarrard  Future RD with a BS in Nutritional Science from Boston University who believes strongly in the power of a plant-based diet, running, adventure, and laughter!
elizcohencnn elizabeth cohen  Senior medical correspondent on CNN and author of The Empowered Patient.
EllenGlovsky Ellen Glovsky I'm a Registered Dietitian, Nutrition Therapist, Boston, MA area. Also offer training in Motivational Interviewing and am on the faculty at Northeastern Univer
EllengoldfarbRD Ellen Reiss-Goldfarb  Registered Dietitian specializing in Eating Disorders, PCOS and Women's hormone issues
Ellie_Krieger Ellie Krieger  This is my official twitter account. As a born food lover and nutritionist(RD) I believe delicious and healthy can and should! be used in the same sentence.
EllisKara Kara Ellis, MS, RD  I'm a Registered Dietitian with my Master's in Nutrition. I love being healthy, exploring new foods, & keeping up with the nutrition world! Happiness drives me.
emacrd Erin Macdonald  Nutrition, Fitness, and Wellness Coach and mom of 3 boys and a new baby boy!
EmBeHealthy Emily  I went to OSU and graduated from the Medical Dietetics program. I plan on becoming a Registered Dietitian!
EmiliaKlapp Emilia Klapp  Emilia Klapp has a Bachelor in Nutrition Science from Cal State University LA. She is certified as a Registered Dietitian by the American Dietetic Association
EmilyAMillerRD EmilyAnnMillerMPH,RD  Registered Dietitian in the Washington, DC area. Passionate about nutrition & fitness and inspiring/helping people to adopt & maintain healthful behaviors.
EmmaCarderRD emmacarder Freelance registered dietitian offering a high quality client focused Nutrition & Dietetic Consultancy - Emma Carder Nutrition. Mum to 2 energetic boys!
emmafogt emmafogt  I am a mom and Registered Dietitian with a passion for helping families, working moms and corporations balance a lifetime of healthy eating.
EmmaStirling Emma Stirling  Australian Accredited Practising Dietitian, health writer and blogger, The Scoop on Nutrition, shares tips and insights on what's hot in food and nutrition.
emmieolivas Emmie Olivas  Wife, Leader, Entrepreneur, Dietitian, Speaker, Internet Marketing Expert. Follow me for best information on food and nutrition.
energynutrition Sara A Matthews  Sending info to health seekers of Alternative Nutrition from a MS, RD - Registered Dietitian
Enjoyfood_ Karen Hawkins RD Dietitian and food lover for life - ask me how to prepare and enjoy real food
erahavi Liz  I'm an RD who loves running, cooking, my husband and life (in no particular order).
erinpetrey Erin Petrey MSH, RD
ErinsNutrition Erin Brown  Dietitian...that LOVEs McDonalds.
eschmitt3 Emily S. Registered Dietitian. Certified Group Fitness & Yogafit Instructor. Passionate for helping others achieve their health & fitness goals 
estachura Ericka Stachura  Nutrition communications expert, RD to be, marketing professional, writer, dog lover, foodie.
Etribole Evelyn Tribole MS RD  Co-author of Intuitive Eating. Newport Beach Dietitian, nutrition therapist,eating disorders, Intuitive eating, celiac, gluten free.
Eucale_Stanes Eucale Stanes  Passionate about faith, family, healthy living, integrative medicine. Nutritionist (APD) in private practice and Indigenous health. Blog coming soon...
EuniceFood4Fit Eunice Mendoza  I'm a DTR and dietetics student at UMDNJ tweeting and blogging about health, fitness, food, football, famous people and cats.
everydayfoods Allison Knott  Registered Dietitian & MS candidate, Nutrition Communication, Tufts University. food gawker, triathlete, outdoors lover, believer in choices, habits, lifestyle.
F_Factor FFactor F-Factor is based on a RD's understanding of anatomy and physiology. For over a decade F-Factor has helped thousands lose weight and improve their health.
fancyfoodfinds Miri Rotkovitz  Freelance Food & Nutrition Writer & Recipe Developer; Specialty Foods Contributing Writer; Milk Maker; RD
FeedtheBelly FrancesLargeman-Roth  Frances Largeman-Roth, RD. Mom, author of Feed the Belly, the bestselling CarbLovers Diet, and sr. editor at Health mag. Nutrition expert for CNN's FitNation.
feedthesoulinc Nicole Garnsey, RD  Nutrition and fitness consulting services, empowering you to eat well, live well, and be well.
feliciastoler Felicia Stoler RD, Nutritionist, Exercise Physiologist, Wellness Expert, Author of Living Skinny in Fat Genes, On-Air Personalty, Hot mom & foodie
fiercefoods mjblack I am a Registered Dietitian Improving the world with food
figRD Michele Sandone  Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist/Consultant/Writer
FitCentriK Karolina Starczak RD  I’m here to share the laughs and decipher the craziness behind upcoming trends & even random gadgets I stumble upon while reading, shopping, or simply exploring
FitHealthInLife Fit Health into Life  Registered Dietitian promoting healthy eating & exercise principles that fit into your everyday life.
fitmommyRD Julie Riggs Med RDLD Mommy, writer, dietician, model, personal trainer, fitness expert, author AND really awesome person.
FitnDietCoach Shannon Rene  FITNESS & DIET COACH Registered Dietitian, Pilates Trainer, Zumba & Group Fitness Instructor, ACE/AFFA, Mother of 2
fitnut4life Amy Baltes  Registered Dietitian
FitNutrition Melissa Halas-Liang  saving the world one healthy food at a time
fitRD maureen ganley  RD, NCSF-CPT, member of ADA, SCAN, NSCA, ACSM FitRD disruptiveBODYinnovations Dedicated to promoting healthy body changes
FleurDietitian Fleur Dietitian
FloraSue Flora Sue Gardner  Author of Soul Talk with Cells: What We Really Want is to Play. Writer on wellness, self-help, growth. Registered Dietitian, focus - conscious living, choices.
flourishnut Flourish Nutrition tweeting by Jessica Begg, Registered Dietitian for Flourish Wellness + Nutrition :
FondaFood Liz MS, RD, LDN behavior change, nutrition sciences, & a little 'foodie' knowledge
food_delights Karman Meyer, RD LDN  Registered Dietitian cooking up tasty, healthy meals at home, checking out good eats at local restaurants. I just want to share my love for food with others!
FoodBoogie Danielle Schaub  Dietitian for DC Public Schools
FoodCoachForYou Lea Crosetti  Registered Dietitian and triathlete, helping people build a healthy relationship with food. Specialized in bariatrics, sport nutrition and corporate wellness.
FoodGossip Colette Stewart Aspiring to be an RD in childhood obesity prevention via nutrition education and promotion. Always learning, always experiencing.
foodhealth  Food and Health Communications is a publisher whose mission is to make nutrition education look and taste great - cook and eat healthy!
FoodieNutrition Emily McDearmon, RD  I am a Registered Dietitian who loves everything about food, especially cooking yummy, healthy meals!
FoodieRD Julie Tharalson, RD One woman's valiant search for real, tasty and healthy food in a processed cheese food world.
FoodMoment Food Moment Nutrition tips directly from a Registered Dietitian.
FoodNerdSF Tali Sedgwick,RD Nutrition Educator/Registered Dietitian or Food NE/RD
FoodShrewd Sasha Watkins RD   dietitian that's engaged in the battle of the bulge...
FoodWiseRD Autumn Hoverter  Dietitian specializing in whole food and whole health.
FoodyNotFatty FoodiesNotFatties  We are 2 RDs combining our love of eating with our nutrition knowledge to bring you some great meals that will fill your belly without busting your pants.
FrancesGilham Frances Gilham  Accredited Practising Dietitian. Tasmanian-born foodie, science geek and bookworm. Favourite food strawberries. Environment tragic.
FreshStartRD Melanie Zook, RD/LDN  It’s time to start...saving time, money & our Earth; savoring food, your family & your health. Start fresh, go green & live well...with Fresh Start Nutrition.
fuelingtactics David Ellis  President - Collegiate & Professional Sports Dietitians Assn.
FuelinRoadie Roadie Nutritionist Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist whose goal is to fuel the athlete in every musician! Getting you beyond the 12oz nutrition! Check out my website for tips!
fullerl Lorna Fuller Senior Recruiter, Clinical - recruit for Registered Dietitian and those eligible to take the RD exam
GardenCuizine Diana Wind  I’m a Gardening Chef on the road to becoming a Registered Dietitian, sharing Healthy Lifestyle, Recipe, Food & Nutrition tips using fresh Garden ingredients
GDAGuru Nigel Denby  Nigel Denby is a registered Dietitian, Author of nine successful nutrition books and a broadcaster across television and Radio both in the UK and across Europe.
GenGagnon Genevieve Gagnon  Quebecoise.Recently moved up to Portland,OR from California, for a new adventure.Registered Dietitian.Runner.Dog Lover.Work in food service software industry.
GeorgiaKostas Georgia Kostas  Registered dietitian, public speaker, media spokesperson, author. Passionate about heart health, weight management, prevention nutrition and fitness.
GeorgieFearRD Georgie Fear  Registered Dietitian, athlete, weight loss counselor, foodie, and health writer.
gerbstadtMDRD Christine Gerbstadt MD, RD/Author Doctor's Detox Diet The Ultimate Weight Loss Prescription
GFreeDietitian Kristen M Pardue, RD Integrative Dietitian,Gluten Free/Natural Foods/Holistic Health Enthusiast/Certified Lactation Counselor
GlutenFreeRD Ronni Alicea Dietitian specializing in Gluten Free diets, food allergy food solutions and Celiac Disease management.
gmghnj GetMovingGetHealthNJ A program to encourage healthy eating and physical activity to improve health.
GoDrJo Dr. Jo Lichten PhD nutritionist/speaker who inspires busy people stay healthy, sane & productive through her books, speaking engagements and media appearances.
Good4youNearth Good 4 You and Earth Good for You, Good for Our Earth segment producer and host on SHAW TV
GOT_Nutrition Veronica Oates  Moving and grooving in Nashville to keep the weight straight. I'm a Registered Dietitian with a doctorate in Nutrition.
GoUnDiet Go UnDiet Go UnDiet book, by's editor @HealthCastleGlo. Just released in May 2011. Lose weight by UnDieting. #nutrition
GourmetHealer Angie King-Nosseir  Angie King-Nosseir MS,RD,LD guides clients through GRADUAL health transformation using Food as Medicine and encouraging Mind/Body/Spirit connection.
gracedietitian Grace Derocha RD CDE Registered Dietitian, Certified Diabetes Educator, Wellness & Health Coach @BCBSM, Blogs @HealthierMI, MBA, Lover of Life, Foodie, Spartan, Dancer, Fun Seeker
graveytrain47 Denise Graves  Registered Dietitian specializing in chronic kidney disease.
greeneating Kate Geagan Locavore, Author of Go Green Get Lean, Registered Dietitian, Nutrition Expert for TV & Print, Blogger, Mother of 2, Devoted Powder Hound.
GregThorne_RD Greg Thorne RD/LD I am a Registered Dietitian, food lover, food geek, fad diet skeptic, and scientist.
GretchenSwankRD Gretchen Swank R.D.  Registered Dietitian, freelance writer, blogger, media expert, and food enthusiast!
grocerygirlrd Cassie Hurley, RD I am a Registered Dietitian with a great passion for nutrition, cooking, and frugality.
GrowCookLoveEAT Rachel Fox, RD  Registered Dietitian. Passionate about local food, cooking, nutrition, and eating!
GscalpiRD_CDE Gretchen Scalpi Nutrition & Wellness Coach, Speaker, Registered Dietitian, Certified Diabetes Educator, author of The Everything Guide to Managing & Reversing Pre-Diabetes
hahe4 Helen Winter I love my job. I help clinical dietitians begin their career with Sodexo
hannahbrins Hannah Brinsden London based Nutritionist (ANutr) currently working on the UK's salt reduction strategy. Planning to tweet all things nutrition, food and health! My own views!
HDM4U Healthy Diet Menus A menu program done by a dietitian! We keep it simple and keep you healthy. Weekly menu program for special diets - renal, diabetic, heart healthy
Health_Bean HealthBean A soon 2be RD helping people create positive and balanced relationships with food | Aspiring baker satisfying my sweet tooth one baked good at a time.
HealthCastleGlo Gloria Tsang, RD Editor-in-Chief for Author of new @GoUnDiet book. Dietitian & nutrition geek. My life changed when my dad had cancer. #GoUnDiet organizer.
HealthfulSense Lisa Rainer, MS, RD  Blogging about a meatless, plant-based, real food diet. Try to use organic and gluten-free foods as often as possible!
healthhappensRD Theresa Jackson, RD  I'm a Registered Dietitian and Media Representative for the New York State Dietetic Association, and lover of all things food!
healthyAislesRD Judy Gerber Seybold  healthyAislesRD works with retailers across the country translating nutrition science & regulations into solutions that help impact shopper-health.
healthyalways Demetrice Morrison  Registered Dietitian, Author, Entreprenuer, Community Activist
healthycarolina Denise Reynolds RD Registered Dietitian, Health and Wellness writer, Wife to my best friend, Mom to 2 girls, and HOUSE MD Junkie
healthyeats FN's Healthy Eats Food Network's Healthy Eating blog. Visit us daily for dietitian-approved recipes and healthy tips.
healthyeatsRD Kristen Rezabek  Dietitian, Diabetes Educator, Culinarian, and Mom. Passionate about good food that's good for you.
HealthyKidsRD Judith Smith, MS, RD  Dietitian and mom of four. I share healthy tricks and interactive wellness tools for kids to help families love playing the healthy lifestyle game.
healthypeople4u Helene Berk, MEd, RD Dietitian x25 yrs ~ Integrative Medicine & Medical Nutrition Therapy HEALTHY PEOPLE RADIO
healthyrd Laura Tolle Registered Dietitian, Certified Diabetic Educator, wife to Troy, mom to Chase and Gage
Heather_RD Heather Neal Registered dietitian,writer, runner, biker. Specializing in prenatal & sports nutrition.
Heather_Vtrim Heather Leonard Registered Dietitian, weight management counselor, Director of Online Instruction for Vtrim
heatherbauer_rd Heather Bauer,RD Registered Dietitian, Nutrition and Lifestyle Expert, Author of The Wall Street Diet, Founder of Nu-Train Nutrition & Diet Counseling in NYC, proud mother of 3!
heatherdcRD Heather Calcote, RD  Registered Dietitian, Marathoner & Yogi; Healthy Lifestyle Blogger & @lululemon Run Ambassador. Part of the Small Planet Foods team-spreading organic love!
HeidiMcIndooRD Heidi McIndoo Nutrition Expert-Writer-Spokesperson-Mom to 2 little ones-Food Lover-Author-Recipe Developer
HelenBauzon Helen Bauzon  Leading Lap Band Dietitian, Author, Inspirational Speaker & TV Presenter. Counselled over 3000 people with the Lap Band,to eat healthy food pain free.
HelenSeagle HelenSeagle Dietitian focused on anything weight management especially marketing, management, & adult learning, Kiwi living in Denver
HerCarrotRD Jennifer Vagios MSRD  A dietitian & yoga teacher. Helping you find balance, happiness, health & deliciousness. I Blog, photograph food, write recipes and love to sing! Also nerdy.
hhplate Lisa Bruno PR professional/Nutrition student working to be become an RD /Retired Cheerleader.
HistoryFood Today's Food History  Combining food history, food culture, & a registered dietitian Sharing food trivia, food history, and yes, even helpful hints for every day use with our foods.
HlthNtervention Demetrius Willis MBA,MS,RD,CPT. Registered Dietitian/Certified Personal Trainer with awards, publications and extensive background
hlthygrocerygrl hlthygrocerygrl, RD Nutrition Coaching / Consultations, Healthy Kitchen Makeovers, Grocery Shopping Tours, Nutrition Workshops / Seminars / Events and Nutrition Education Videos
hlupkey Heather Lupkey, DTR  My purpose is to revamp your eating choices which can be adopted and change your lifestyle through small subtle changes.
HolleyGrainger Holley Grainger, RD  Holley Grainger is a dietitian, writer, Nutrition Editor of & and host of over 600 online health and cooking videos.
HoneyB_RD Honey Bloomberg  I'd spend all day in the kitchen if I could but that doesn't pay the bills. I spend 9-5 writing about food and nutrition instead.
HopeWarshaw Hope Warshaw Dietitian, Diabetes Educator and author of best-selling books on diabetes nutrition and healthy restaurant eating.Be a fan @
HungryDietitian Ashley Ward, RD, LD  Registered Dietitian in Dallas, TX. Passionate about good food, being healthy, ending child hunger, and preventing childhood obesity.
hzeitz Heather Zeitz  Proud RD. Experienced in healthcare, wellness & content, I am passionate about harnessing the potential of technology & social media to change behavior.
IamEatonWright Lisa Eaton-Wright Registered dietitian who loves food, food & nutrition policy, and translating the science of nutrition for the consumer who simply wants to eat better!
ICDietitian Julie Beyer Interstitial Cystitis help with pain & treatment; recommended diet for IC/Painful Bladder Syndrome help; Registered Dietitian Follow me on #ICDiet
IFICMedia Eric Mittenthal  I am the media relations director for the International Food Information Council Foundation
IlanaRD Ilana Wolfson Huge fan of persistence. Permanent change enabler. Love g’met cooking, aerobics, long walks, hubby and 2 great kids. Reg. Dietitian. History, Discovery, Food
Ilene_Smith Ilene Smith  MS, RD, and EVP, Director of Food & Nutrition, Porter & Novelli
ImperfectRD Carolyn Boice, RD,LD I am a Registered Dietitian blogging my ongoing efforts to live a healthy lifestyle and help others do the same.
IndyEatWell RD  Indianapolis's source for delectable food that's health smart. Provided for you by a Registered Dietitian. Eat healthy, but goodness Eat Well!
InglesDietitian ingles Leah McGrath Corporate acct for Ingles Markets. Personal acct:@LeahMcGrathRD
InspiredRD Alysa Bajenaru, RD Dietitian, Personal Trainer, Cook, Crafter, Wife, Mom, proud wearer of onion-goggles. Mamavation Dietitian.
IntelligentEats Katie P. Haarala, RD  Registered dietitian (RD) who strives to change this world in the only way I know how: Nutrition education with a slice of fun. Eat intelligently, friends!
IntuitiveRD Heather Rudalavage A Dietitian, Mom, Blogger, Entrepr. Have 3 little ones, a hubby and a business. Use an intuitive approach to eating to empower my clients!
irenefranklin Irene Registered Dietitian.
jackienewgent Jackie Newgent, RD Chef/RD; Writer; Media Spokesperson; Instructor @ ICE; Author, Big Green Cookbook & The All-Natural Diabetes Cookbook
JaimeSchwartzRD Jaime Schwartz   Registered Dietitian at Ketchum PR. Work with food companies to help educate people about healthy eating and all things nutrition.
JaneDummer Jane Dummer, RD  Jane Dummer, RD is a leading Dietitian to the Canadian food and nutrition industry.
JanetHelm Janet Helm  I'm a writer, registered dietitian, mom of twins, nutrition blogger, founder of Nutrition Blog Network and #RDchat.
JanetZimmerman Janet Zimmerman a RD-to-be who hopes to help others make peace with their bodies and food. Believer in intuitive eating, the benefits of exercise, and whole-flavorful food.
JaniceBakerRD Janice Baker  Registered Dietitian, Certified Diabetes Educator, Certified Nutrition Support Clinician
JaniceBissex Janice Bissex, RD  Meal Makeover Moms' Kitchen recipe/nutrition blogger, host of Cooking with the Moms podcast, dietitian, cookbook author, mom of 2 girls
JanineBoltonRD Janine Bolton  Registered Dietitian, Eco-preneur and Blogger
jaysonrd Jayson Hunter  Registered Dietitian who specializes in weight loss
jeannepetersrd Jeanne Peters RD  Co-founer & Nutrition Director:Nourishing Wellness Medical Center, Food Activist Mom & Organic Garden Goddess
Jecrowley Jennifer Ely Crowley  nutrition support dietitian/clinical nutrition manager, beekeeper, mom of two crazy boys, and RABID Eagles and Phillies Fan!
JemmaOHanlon Jemma O'Hanlon Accredited Practising Dietitian and Accredited Nutritionist. Blogger and home cook. Lover of all things food, exercise and nutrition. And cocktails.
JEMNutrition Judy E. Manisco, LDN  Integrated/Holistic-Dietitian & Nutritionist in Downtown, Chicago, IL.
JennaBellRD Jenna Bell, PhD, RD  If I'm not eating, I'm talking about it.
JennaLaurenC Jenna LC Graduate student in Food and Nutrition, and Dietetic Intern at BGSU,Vegetarian, Dog lover-Minature Goldendoodle owner.
JenniferBonczek Jennifer Bonczek  I am a Registered Dietitian.
JenniferMcG_RD Jennifer McGuire Seafood-loving dietitian for the National Fisheries Institute. From Texas, lucky enough to live on Oahu.
JenniferNeily Jennifer Neily MS RD Registered dietitian and nutrition expert with a passion to provide sound, science-based advice - Proud foster mom to Great Danes!
JenniPurcellRD Jenni Purcell RD Registered Dietitian who believes you can eat REAL food and that exercise CAN be fun!
jennpereiraRD Jennifer Pereira  Registered Dietitian (Nutritionist) and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (Fitness / Exercise Expert)
jennykarlRD Jenny Karl Registered dietitian who loves simple, good food and microbrews. Also a media spokesperson, adventurous cook, Master Urban Gardener and dairy lover.
jennyshea Jennifer Shea Registered Dietitian, runner, yogi, ocean lover and foodie who works for a large supermarket chain. Loves artichokes, soft serve vanilla ice cream and wine.
JennyStarkey Jennifer Starkey  PR professional (with a focus in food and nutrition), mom, television addict and pop culture junkie.
JesicaLeaRD Jessica Butcher, RD Registered dietitian striving to cook, garden, and live mindfully. Helping others achieve a healthy lifestyle, while studying for my MPH!
Jesseboo5486 Jesse Schroeder  New beginnings in 2011...let's make it happen!
JessicaO_RD Jessica Oswald  Dietitian (MS, RD, LDN). Foodie. Self-proclaimed cook/chef. Coffee snob. Amateur food writer every other week. North Carolinian. Cooperative Extension Agent.
JessieHealthRD Jessie E.  Registered dietitian and nutrition graduate student. Lives healthy and loves good food.
JessShapiroRD Jessica Shaffer  Inpatient Clinical Dietitian. Aspiring to open own practice. Unflexable Yoga Fanatic. Snowboarding Bunny. Puppy Lover (Philo my hound mix is my profile pic).
jhfails Jeremy Fails  Registered Dietitian, Personal Trainer & Coach. Travel Enthusiast.
jilljayne Jill Jayne, MS, RD  The Rockstar Nutritionist Jill Jayne, MS, RD meshes her credentials as a dietitian with her experience as a musician to teach nutrition through entertainment.
jjznutrition Jacqueline Zimmerman MS RD. Research Dietitian at Columbia University, Irving Institute. Teachers College nutrition edu graduate. SciFi fan, costume lover and tasty food enthusiast!
jkayanrd Jenifer Kayan, RD  I'm a registered dietitian (RD) currently working in the clinical sector.
jlevinsonrd Jessica Levinson Registered dietitian, founder of Nutritioulicious, and nutrition consultant for food and beverage companies, including the Coca-Cola company.
jmccaffreyrd Jennifer McCaffrey  Registered Dietitian University of Illinois Extension and Spokesperson for Illinois Dietetic Association; mom of 2 energetic children, PhD Public Health
jmedlen Joan Medlen Dietitian, visual tools creator, writer, advocate, gluten free living
JoannaTheRD Joanna Dydula, RD  I'm a Registered Dietitian (RD) with a passion for nutrition education, food, and cooking.
joansalgeblake joansalgeblake  Nutrition Prof, Boston University, Sargent College Media Spokesperson
JodiRD Jodi Greebel  Registered Dietitian and mom. Co-founder DinDinsFood. Co-author The Little Black Apron. Love cooking, eating and multi-tasking
jody88 Jody Snyder Engel I'm a registered dietitian. I promote healthy eating.
johealth George Abu Jarur  George Abu Jarur is a retired dietitian based in Amman, Jordan. I worked for Aramco Health Center/Medical Nutrition Services in Saudi Arabia for @twenty years.
joy_bauer Joy Bauer  Joy Bauer, MS RD CDN is the nutrition and diet expert for NBC's TODAY SHOW and New York Times bestselling author of Joy Bauer's Food Cures & Your Inner Skinny.
joyofkosher joyofkosher  Whether you keep kosher or are just kosher-curious, is an online community for people with good taste who are passionate about food.
joyofnutrition Joy Dubost  PhD in Food Science/Nutrition. Registered Dietitian. Spokesperson for American Dietetic Association. Expertise in Nutrition, General Wellness, Food Science.
joyoushealth Joy McCarthy  Joy of Joyous Health. Registered/Certified Holistic Nutritionist, wellness speaker & coach,health writer. My tweets are tidbits of joyous health!
jrampoll Joni Rampolla, RD Dietitian with focus on weight management. I support clients on the Medifast program, help others become a Medifast provider and provide lifestyle coaching.
Jseyler Jseyler  Nutrition and Fitness Communications Specialist who likes to run and read (Registered Dietitian).
Julie_Masci Julie Masci  I am a dietitian who loves all things related to weight loss, food intolerances and the gut! I love helping people change the way they feel.
julieupton Julie Upton I'm a dietitian, journalist and author who specializes in nutrition, fitness and health.
JuniperDevecis Nurture Your Health Nutritional biochemist, vitamin and dietary supplement lover, dietitian and mom on a never-ending quest for optimal health
justinerothrd Justine Roth  Registered Dietitian, NYS Psychiatric Institute, private counseling. Helping people learn how to have a healthy relationship with food.
Kara_Lee_RD Kara Boley, RD I am a registered dietitian with a passion for health & fitness! My goal is to reach people where THEY are. Small lifestyle changes can improve your health!
karalydonRD Kara Lydon, RD Registered Dietitian. Foodie. Yogini. Blogger. Inspiring a peace of mind around what you eat and a love for nutritious food.
KarenAnselRD Karen Ansel  Dietitian, writer, author, foodie. Spreading the word that healthy eating can taste great!
karenbuch Karen Buch, RD, LDN  Supermarket RD, nutrition professional, mom, writer, spokesperson, consultant. Registered Dietitian Advisor for Egg Nutrition Center.
KarenCollinsRD Karen Collins I take current nutrition research and help people look beyond the headlines. I’m a registered dietitian, speaker, syndicated columnist and consultant.
karenraden Karen Raden  MS, RD, CCN, integrative nutritionist, national public speaker, author; specializing in holistic nutrition, gluten free eating, detox, herbal supplementation
KarenToddRD Karen E. Todd, RD  Registered Dietitian, R.D.; Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist, CSCS; Health & Fitness Specialist, HFS
Karin_Hosenfeld Karin Hosenfeld  Registered Dietitian. Specialties: sports nutrition, diabetes, weight loss, pediatrics, vegetarianism. Runner. Cylist. Gardner. Political junkie. Mom of 2.
KaseyBateup Kasey Bateup  Final year Master Nutrition & Dietetics student at Uni of Canberra. Looking forward to my first placement...Hobart get ready!
katbrooking Katherine Brooking  I am a registered dietitian specializing in media communications.
katebyersrd Kate Byers, MS, RD  Mom, Registered Dietitian, Health Communicator, Boilermaker Fan!
kateprd Katie Peterson, RD  Daughter of Jesus, wife, mother, and Dietitian
KateWilsonRD Kate Wilson  Registered Dietitian at Ketchum PR. Focus is nutrition communications with a passion in sports nutrition. Love being outdoors - running or riding a bike!
KathyIsacksRD Katherine Isacks  Registered Dietitian Who Loves Writing and Talking About Food & Nutrition
katiecaputo Katie Caputo, MS, RD Registered Dietitian at the California Beef Council. Having a ZEST for life through eating, writing, and talking about healthy and delicious food.
KatieHammRD Katie Hamm  Dietitian & nutrition communicator. Live by Omnivore's Dilemma and Success Principles.Young professional blogger. Identical twin. Thoughts are my own :)
KatieHeddleston Katie Heddleston, RD  Registered Dietitian, Blogger, Foodie, Nanny, Freelance Writer, Gluten-Free Half Marathoner
KatieRD2Be Katie Eckert
KatTFowler Katherine Fowler RD  Registered Dietitian specializing in disordered eating and weight management
KatyMeassick Katy Meassick UMD Dietetic Intern. Syracuse Alum. Athletic Trainer. Proud USF Alum. Proud Floridian. Former Terp.
KBarckholtzRD Katie Barckholtz  Mom; Registered, Licensed Dietitian; Program Coordinator for School Marketing & Health Professional Outreach; lover of food, books, running, all things dairy!
KelleyRD Kelley Biondolillo  Chicago Registered Dietitian who is passionate about healthy food!
KellyOC KellyOC  Changing the world one day at a time! As a registered (paleo) dietitian, I spread my knowledge on good health and wellness.
KellyRossiRD Kelly Rossi   Registered Dietitian/Exercise Scientist
kerigans Keri Gans  I am a Registered Dietitian, Author of The Small Change Diet & Media Spokesperson in NYC who loves healthy foods, dining out, trendy fashions & yoga !!!
KeriGlassman Keri Glassman  Founder Keri Glassman, Nutritious Life. Author of The 02 Diet. Women's Health Magazine & New York Live contributor.
KidsDietitian Lucille Beseler Lucille Beseler, registered dietitian/nutritionist,author,speaker specializes in childhood nutrition&obesity.Nurturing with Nutrition.
KimFoodTalk Kim Galeaz RD CD  Dietitian consultant to restaurants, ag/food/beverage industry including Coca-Cola. Balanced eating & cooking advocate, blending daily activity + great taste.
kimshapira kim shapira Registered Dietitian- helping one person at a time eat well and be well.
KimTirapelleRD Kim TirapelleRD CSSD  Registered Dietitian specializing in sports nutrition,wt management & MNT. Fresno State Athletics & TERRIO's Sports RD. Media spokesperson and avid runner!
KimWardMSRD Kimberly Ward  Registered Dietitian & Certified Personal Trainer
Kindrednutritio Amy Goldsmith RD, LD RD and owner of Kindred Nutrition, a private practice focusing on nutrition therapy. Also author of 'Ask Amy' Blog.
KitchenM Em SF Bay Area registered dietitian & photographer
KMJNutrition KMJNutrition Karen Johnson is a Registered Dietitian, a food fanatic and fascinated by health and people!
kmkingrd Kayla King, RD,LD  Registered Dietitian, now in private practice to assist those who want to defeat the heath epidemics that are killing Americans to early and raising healthcare
KMNutrition Karen Marschel  Helping make life with diabetes easier and healthier!
KosherRD Laurie Goldberg, RD I am a Registered Dietitian who reports on all things relating to the latest in nutrition news and kosher food.
KristenNortonRD Kristen Norton  I am passionate about nutrition, life and love!
KristieFinnan Kristie Mommy, Author, @DivaDietitian, Sales&Marketing Girl, Brand/Social Media Developer. I ♥LOVE iPhone/iPad, makeup, cupcakes, wine, shoes, coffee & asparagus.
KristiWinkelsRD Kristi Winkels Registered Dietitian, Health Coach, founder of, mom of two boys with food allergies.
KSeidmanRD Katrina Seidman RD Registered Dietitian, exercise instructor, wellness coach; dancer turned runner who loves being in the kitchen cooking up healthy eats for her and her husband.
kskretta Kelly Skretta, RD I'm a clinical dietitian. Just starting the process of moving back to Kansas after 'making it' in NYC. Kansas State University Alum. Go Cats!
KT_Starbucks Katie Thomson Registered Dietitian and sr nutritionist for Starbucks. A new Mom passionate about balancing delicious food & drink with a fun & healthy lifestyle.
Lachael Lachael Prouty  I'm a Sports Performance Nutritionist/Registered Dietitian who helps athletes reach athletic performance goals through nutrition and natural supplementation.
lapbandguide Suzette Kroll I'm a registered dietitian specializing in gastric lap-band weight loss surgery nutrition.
larafield Lara Field  Pediatric dietitian, nutrition consultant, gluten-free guru, mom...
lauralagano Laura Lagano I'm an integrative clinical nutritionist/RD. My specialties include treating adrenal fatigue, thyroid issues, diabetes, weight, & more. Gluten free is my thing.
laurenmedeiros Lauren Medeiros I am a dietetic intern soon to be RD!. I love my husband, my puppy & our house. I like to cook/bake, sew, scrapbook, be outdoors and do DIY projects!
LaurenOConnorRD Lauren O'Connor, RD Lauren O'Connor, MS, RD is your guide to health, vitality and overall fitness. Nutri-Savvy: savor, taste, enjoy...nutrition!!
LaurenSchmittRD Lauren Schmitt MS RD  Registered Dietitian and Certified Personal Trainer with a private practice in Studio City, CA
LaurenSwann Lauren Swann Nutritionist, Dietitian in Food Nutrition Labeling, Marketing Communications, Cultural Foodways
lauriebrd Laurie Beebe  The Diet Coach
laursgoldRD Laurie Goldberg  I am a registered dietitian specializing in wellness, weight control, heart health and GI health and a avid follower of the latest in nutrition news writing.
LBrooksRD Lyn Brooks Taylor RD  Healthcare Consultant, CHFS, RD, LDN, CCO
lcorman Lisa Corman MS RD LD  Mom, Runner, Dietitian Extrordanaire
leahkaufman Leah Kaufman  I am a Registered Dietitian and hold a Masters in Nutrition. I love finding new updates on food and happenings around nyc.
lecnutrition Laura Clark  Registered dietitian and sports nutrition expert. Dedicated to helping you achieve your nutrition and lifestyle goals.
leekatrin Katrin Lee, RD Born and raised in Hong Kong, lived in California for a little; now a New Yorker and a Registered Dietitian~ I want to share my passion for food and nutrition~
LeiNili Leila N  MS, RD! Food, travel, languages, art.
LepaDanaRD Dana Jovanovich Registered Dietitian, Certified Personal Trainer. I love motivating people to make food and fitness choices toward a happier, healthier life :)
LettuceLiveWell Courtney Stinson, RD Dietitian and lover of food helping people discover how to eat deliciously and live nutritiously. I believe healthy food should never taste like cardboard!
lfromm Lori Fromm  Registered dietitian, foodie, working in PR/food and nutrition communications
lgreenerd Lori Greene  I'm a wife and a mother of 2 young children. An RD and an instructor in human nutrition at the University of Alabama.
LincolnCarda Lincoln Carda I am a Registered Dietitian, food fanatic, scientist, and capsaicin addict.
linda_rd Linda Michaelis A Registered Dietitian. Whatever education, encouragement or motivation you need to achieve a healthy lifestyle, I'm here for you.
linZjoeRD Lindsey Joe  Registered Dietitian, consultant for the food & bev industry (including Coca-Cola), admitted dance-aholic & craft fanatic...but above all, I just heart food!
lisadefazioMSRD Lisa DeFazio, MS, RD  Wife, TV Host and Celeb Hollywood Nutritionist who loves to cook, shop, stay fit, spend time with son and inspire others to be healthy.
lisaharkinsRD Lisa Harkins Personal nutrition and fitness from a registered dietitian and certified personal trainer.
LisaJoMartinRD Lisa J. Martin County Extension Agent for the Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program
LisaKellyRD Lisa Kelly  Dietitian, PR professional, foodie, fan of agriculture
LisaMoskovitzRD Lisa Moskovitz, RD Weight Loss & Sports Nutrition Expert, Counselor, Speaker, Writer and NYC Registered Dietitian
LisaNelsonRD LisaNelsonRD Heart Health Made Easy – Dietitian and Nutritionist specializing in cholesterol, blood pressure, and weight loss.
LivBtrNutrition Lindsey  Dietitian, business owner, and unconventional tall gal. Passionate about health, food, wine, caffeine, laughing, & naps.
lizbridge ElizabethStrawbridge Registered Dietitian, school nutrition consultant, vintage pyrex collector, organic vegetable gardener, soon-to-be grad student at UNC
LizMarrMSRD Liz Marr Registered Dietitian specializing in food & nutrition communications. Past-Chair, Food & Culinary Professionals Dietetic Practice Group.
LizWeiss Liz Weiss R.D. Registered dietitian and author of No Whine with Dinner and The Moms' Guide to Meal Makeovers. Blogger at Meal Makeover Moms' Kitchen
LJuddRD Laura Judd  Registered Dietitian @ Boston University. Educating the masses on how to eat better and move more! Check out @sargentchoice!
lmali1 Laura Ali, MS, RD I'm the Registered Dietitian and recipe developer for StarKist Co. I love to cook, travel and explore new places. My views are my own, not my company's.
lollydub Lauryn Whitfield  Lauryn Whitfield, MS, RD, LD
LoraMSRDLD Lora Improving personal nutrition one mind at a time. Specializing in Diabetes, Kidney disease, Eating Disorders, Behavioral Health, malabsorption, and weight loss
lorenadrago lorenadrago Certified Diabetes Educator, Registered Dietitian, Author, Speaker
lorikaley Lori Kaley  Scientific Advisor for Guiding Stars nutrition guidance program, MS, RD, LD, MSB. I look forward to sharing a love of nutrition with you.
LoriLachRD Lori Lach RD  Lori helps busy, successful women be their best selves. Lori is a Registered Dietitian, Certified Wellness Coach & Licensed Facilitator with Am I Hungry?
love4nutrition Steph Perruzza MS RD Summer Fellow at Ketchum PR. Registered Dietitian passionate about leading a healthy lifestyle and educating people on credible nutrition information.
LoveToSnack Meredith OMalley, RD is written by Meredith O'Malley, RD & Jill Corleone, RD, Registered Dietitians who are avid foodies that love to snack,published authors, moms.
LSchmeck Lisa Schmeck  Sodexo Talent Acquisition, Senior Recruiter
LVhealthnut Lara Veazey  Owner, Registered dietitian and certified personal trainer in private practice specializing in weight management and sports nutrition
MagdaSegarraRD Magda Segarra  Consultant Dietitian to Health Care Facilitiies
maggiemoon_RD maggie moon registered dietitian, nutrition writer, lindy hopper, tap dancer, aerial silks enthusiast, ukulele & guitar hobbyist, knitter, jewelry maker, wife & new yorker
MandyRotherRD Mandy Rother RD, LDN Registered Dietitian on a mission to help people make lasting lifestyle changes.
margajt7 Margarita Torres 23yr old Registered Dietitian, Certified Personal Trainer, yogini, eclectic athlete Finding my way to Self-fulfillment, fighting global hunger along the way
MargaretFurtado Margaret Furtado I'm a Dietitian/Author/Speaker Specializing in weight loss surgery; Hospital-based and private practice in nutrition. Yoga teacher. Yahoo Health Blog Writer
mariespano Marie Spano, MS, RD Marie Spano, MS, RD, CSCS, CSSD leading sports nutritionist, nutrition communications expert & industry consultant. Sports Nutritionist, Competitive Edge Sports.
mariespanoMSRD Marie Spano  Marie A. Spano MS, RD, CSCS, CSSD, is a leading sports nutritionist and nutrition communications expert.
MarketMelissa Melissa O'Shea A Registered Dietitian/nutritionist who loves all things food: finding new products, testing new recipes. Runner, Core Fusion addict, Wine Lover & Gluten-Free.
MarleneKeys Marlene Keys Law of Attraction trainer works w/ individuals + organizations to understand something powerful + controllable is at work in their lives the Law of Attraction.
MarshaHudnall Marsha Hudnall Director/owner of Vermont's Green Mountain at Fox Run, a healthy weight retreat for women tired of dieting; foodie dietitian (that's not an oxymoron)
MaryWissmannRD Mary Wissmann, MS, RD, LD. University of MO Extension Nutrition & Health Specialist in St. Louis County
MaureenB_RD Maureen Bligh, R.D. registered dietitian, mother of teenage boys, family meals, fitness, sports
MayaTheRD Maya E Nahra, RD, LD  Registered Dietitian, Intentful Chef, Holistic Nutritionist - where food meets spirituality...
mayemusk Maye Musk  Dietitian/Nutritionist/Nutrition Spokesperson/ Wellness Speaker/Model
MB_DietitianSA Maryke Bronkhorst General private practising Dietitian. Special interests in Sport, Fertility and Special needs kids, but I do see any nutrition related conditions
mbwellnessgroup maryb  registered dietitian and i get busy in the kitchen
mc_HCRD Marie-Claude Mallet Diététiste pour le programme Visez santé de la Fondation des maladies du coeur du Canada / Dietitian for the Heart and Stroke Foundation's Health Check program
mdadkhah Maryam Dadkhah,MS,RD  I am a PhD candidate in community nutrition at the Food Science and Human Nutrition Department at Colorado State University
MDietician Amy Lee, M.D. Medical Dietitian & Weight Management Specialist, Internal Medicine | Good Samaritan Hospital, RFO-UCLA
MEasterlyRD Michelle Easterly A Registered Dietitian at the New York Beef Industry Council. I love to talk about food, nutrition and everything in between.
meatgroupie Shelley Johnson  Registered Dietitian meets meat. You can also find me tweeting @BeefRD
meganfit Megan McChesney  Registered Dietitian (RD), Fitness Instructor, nutrition graduate student, Beachbody Coach and Mary Kay beauty consultant. The question is... what DON'T I do?
MeganLeighRD Megan Conrad Scientist + Foodie = Dietitian
megfit Marjorie Geiser  Expert in your profession but clueless about business? Let MEG Enterprises help you turn your nutrition, fitness or service business into an AMAZING success.
melaniejatsek Melanie Jatsek Melanie Jatsek, the Expert Food Enthusiast, will help you boost your energy and optimize your success in life!
MelindaRD Melinda Johnson I'm a Registered Dietitian, I teach, I eat. ~I come from a family where gravy is considered a beverage. ~~ (Erma Bombeck).
MelissaCarmody Melissa Carmody  Accredited Practicing Dietitian passionate about clinical dietetics & spreading the message that healthy, nutritious & delicious food is achievable for everyone
MelissaDierksRD Melissa H. Dierks RD Nutrition Consultant and Certified Diabetes Educator providing nutrition solutions to adults, children, and corporate accounts.
MelissaIsHungry Melissa Bolinto Dietetics student/future RD, massage therapist, happily married mother of 2. Learning about & sharing info on: nutrition/parenting/yoga/holistic wellness/FOOD!
menucoach Diana Young  Lose weight with Coach Diana Young, RD
MenuDietitian Menu Dietitian  A registered and licensed dietitian for 25 years with experience in all fields of nutrition. Meals with flavor AND nutrition are our passion.
MetroNutrition Shawn Monro RD  Registered dietitian consultant with a 'Focus-on- nutrition' for clarity & performance;optimize energy levels/weight management/Eat well to feel well
michelledudash Michelle Dudash  Food & nutrition expert, registered dietitian, healthy chef. TV personality, writer, blogger, recipe developer, mom. Super assistant (KC) tweets sometimes.
MichelleMVoss Michelle Marie Voss  Dietetic Technician tweeting nutrition info, recipes, and info for dietetic students.
MiltonStokes D. Milton Stokes, RD Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist who writes freelance, counsels clients, and is working toward his PhD in health communication.
MindfulEatingRD Megrette Fletcher  Co-founder of TCME, Author and diabetes educator focusing on mindful eating
MindyHermannRD Mindy Hermann Co-author with Liz Vaccariello, EIC Prevention Mag, of 400 Calorie Fix
MissChefRD Melissa MS, RD, LDN  MissChefRD arms her clients with the nutritional know-how that healthy doesn’t have to mean boring or bland. Join us in the war against empty calories!
MissElenaRD Elena Metchikoff, RD Registered Dietitian & Nutritionist; Running & Fitness Enthusiast; MS Candidate in Nutritional Science; Born & Raised in Beautiful Southern Cali; Phil 4:13
mjgorgeous Mary-Jo Overwater  RD,MSc,MMSc nutrition & epidemiology. Enjoy cooking, advising, and eating  fresh, local foods. Fitness advocate
mkelloggRDLCSW Molly Kellogg  Registered Dietitian and Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Molly’s passion is to help nutrition professionals be the most effective counselors they can be.
MLaurentRD Meg Laurent RD, LDN  Lover of food, nutrition, exercise, peace, love, and happiness!
mollymorganrd molly morgan Author of The Skinny Rules. What I love to do: spend time with family, yoga, workout, grocery shop, cook, & watch hockey.
MollynMotion Molly Uebele Dietetic intern and nutrition grad student at Tufts. Active runner, eater, and learner!
MommyDietitian Angela Lemond Angela Lemond, RD, CSP, LD is a dietitian mom that translates nutrition knowledge into practical application. Texas Dietetic Association Media Representative.
monajauharRD Mona Jauhar  Registered Dietitian in private practice specializing in Health and wellness, Weight Loss and Heart Disease.
MonicaAmburnRD Monica Amburn   BI-LO's Registered Dietitian, foodie, yoga fan, dancer, and promoter of food, fitness, & fun!
MorThanCalories MoreThanCalories A Registered Dietitian...Eating to Live a Better Life.
mostlyhealthmom (Mostly) Healthy Mom  A mom/dietitian on a journey to feed her somewhat picky toddler (mostly) healthy food.
mrsdietitian Jessica Hoffman  Indianapolis RD and new mom. Interested in range of food and homekeeping topics, not to mention home decor and crafts.
MrsKellyConrad Kelly Conrad  Eco-friendly entrepreneur, part-time stay at home mom & part-time dietitian
MSpringerRD Michelle Springer I am a Registered Dietitian, wife & mom. I am working on starting a private nutrition counseling practice.
mtjacobsen Maryann T. Jacobsen Mother of two, dietitian and creator of
MTRLnutrition Caryn Roll  Caryn is a registered dietitian devoted to helping you achieve your healthy lifestyle goals. Everything in moderation……except Trans fat! Trans fat is bad!
munchforlife Munchforlife On a quest to change the world - one bite at a time!
mwnutrition Metrowest Nutrition A group of experienced dietitians helping individuals and organizations throughout the MetroWest Boston area reach optimum health and wellness.
MyDietitian Sumner Brooks MPH RD I believe you deserve to and can feel your best every day! Join me in the No Diet Revolution. Tired of seeing diets kill people's self-esteem. Cheers!
MyNutritionPro Lisa Mosing  Nutrition Communications - Nutrition Spokespersons- Nutrition Consultants - Food and Nutrition Research
myOH_Nutrition Jane Schwartz, RD RD and Nutrition Editor for - A Top 20 Health Information Site
NabeelahKhan Nabeelah Khan  PR dietitian and lover of all things delicious. Partial to things made from scratch especially if they start with 'c' and end in 'ake'. All views are my own.
nadinekf Nadine Fisher Nadine is an internet entrepreneur, iPhone app + web developer @ &
namrita_k namrita Sports Nutritionist, Registered Dietitian, PhD student in Applied Physiology, endurance mountain bike athlete with Topeak-Ergon USA, dog lover
nancybennet Nancy Bennett  Transforming nutritional science into inspiring visions that motivate others to jump from knowing to doing!
Natnutrition Carole Farace   Carole L. Farace is a Registered/Licensed Dietitian specializing in food sensitivities, Celiac Disease, and Holistic Nutrition
nclarkrd Nancy Clark MS RD  As a sports dietitian and author of the bestselling Nancy Clark's Sports Nutrition Guidebook, I enjoy teaching active people how to win with good nutrition.
neumannwellness Neumann Wellness Registered Dietitian Specializing in Sports Nutrition, Wellness, Weight-loss and Cardiovascular Health. Owner of Neumann Nutrition & Wellness, LLC.
NevaRDLD Neva Cochran, MS, RD  Registered Dietitian & Nutrition Communications Consultant for Woman’s World & Maximum Fitness magazines, Egg Nutrition Center, and Corn Refiners Association.
newRDcook Lisa Shea A Registered Dietitian passionate for local foods, nutrition, and sustainable agriculture. Love cooking seasonal recipes!
newyorkrd Maria Mahar MA RD Registered Dietitian, Cooking Instructor in the field of Community Nutrition, Professional Caregiver, Distracted Thinker, Laughs Too Loud.
NicoleMSenior Nicole Senior  Accredited nutritionist about town, APD, consultant, author, commentator and general food and health enthusiast
NicoleRD2B Nicole Reshel  I am a nutrition student at San Diego State University
nodietsrd Amber C. Isenhart Nutrition expert, spokesperson and fit model
norrisjss Stephanie Norris  Dietitian and President-elect of the Florida Dietetic Association!
northwnutrition NorthWest Nutrition Nutrition/Dietetic consultancy in North West of England. Senior Lecturer Nutrition/Dietetics, MSc Diabetes. Tweets by expat aussie dietitian Anne Myers RD/APD
NOSHNutrition Sarah Coulson Sarah is a normal dietitian who eats real food and gives practical nutrition advice. Join her crusade to help Canadians become healthier and stop obesity.
nourishednation Charlene Geary Mom - Registered Dietitian - Passion for Food and Health - Recipe Collector - Baker - Writer - Blogger - Dog Lover - Monster Sweet Tooth -
nourishnyc Marissa Lippert Founder of NOURISH (NYC nutrition & lifestyle firm) & author of The Cheater's Diet. Fresh tips, recipes & stylings for a healthy life.
NourRD Nour El-Zibdeh  Registered dietitian, wife, mom, & nutrition consultant. Love to cook, entertain, play with the kids, dance, and exercise. A Zumba fan who recently found yoga!
NuActiveHealth NuActive Health  Team of Accredited Practising Dietitians, Sports Dietitians & Exercise Physiologists to individuals, businesses, athletes, the media, food industry & community
nuchef1956 NuChef1956  I am a registered dietitian and I love cooking, photography and the web. I love helping people. Business, Healthcare, Christianity, 3D and gadgets.
NuDiet Robin Phillips  Dietitian/Nutritionist - Shopaholic always on the hunt for a bargin!
numedix numedix  Continuing education. Anytime. Anywhere.
NurturingRD Gabrielle Registered Dietitian-Owner of Private Nutrition Counseling business & Online Counseling Website.
nurturprincipls Rebecca and Bernie  A big loser and nutritionist are teaming up to help you find wellness within! Nutrition, exercise, and well-being tips here. We speak 4 u!
nutractive Laura S. Garrett, RD Registered Dietitian, ACE certified personal trainer, homeschooling mom of 3, Doberman breeder
NutraU Colleen Draper MS RD I am Director Personaized Nutrition and Nutrigenomics at and and Founder of
NutrCareAutism Judy Converse Licensed registered dietitian (MPH, RD, LD), author of 3 books, mom. Specializing in nutrition/diets for babies & kids w/autism, adhd, allergies since 1999.
nutrichickRD Pamela Ofstein MS RD  Registered   Licensed Dietitian; Director of Nutrition; Pres. Nutrition Consulting Company; recipe and nutrition web videos; radio shows; articles
NutriEats Liz Schmitt  Purdue almnna in Dietetics. Nutrition Specialist @SigServDining, providing nutrition education and promotion to children...and making food fun!
nutrifit_ga NutriFit Staff  NutriFit Sport Therapy Inc., is the private practice of Page Love, MS, RD, CSSD, LD, an expert in sports nutrition and eating disorders. Office #: 770-395-7331
nutrifitrd NutriFit A boutique fitness and nutrition business offering nutrition therapy, worksite nutrition services, personal training, and small group fitness classes.
Nutrifocus Kim Tessmer, RD LD Registered dietitian and published author as well as wife and mother. Owner of Nutrition Focus.
NutriFocusRD Suzanne Eleazer, RD Registered and licensed dietitian specializing in nutritional counseling for eating disorders, sports nutrition, and weight management.
NutriJodi Jodi Weinstein Registered Dietitian in NYC and Author of Tell Me What to Eat Before, During, and After Cancer Treatment who enjoys running, cooking, laughing, and photography.
NutriLifeAmanda Amanda Buthmann  Registered Dietitian at Keri Glassman, Nutritious Life
NutriLivin Sylvia Ley  nutritionist RD
NutriMaxRD AG RD/LD Passionate Wife, RD and self proclaimed Foodie!
NutriNerd Jenn Jackson, MPH MPH in Preventive Nutrition & currently an MS/RD student creating my own brand of community nutrition.
NutriPledge NutriPledge, LLC NutriPledge,LLC is a convenient on-line, phone or in-person diet, health and nutrition consulting services provider. PLEDGE with us today!
nutrishape8 nutrishape8 Registered Dietitian & Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist- Running, bicycling, fitness and food fanatic
nutrition_bug Stefania Manetti, RD Registered Dietitian with a bug for languages, cultural explorations and - of course - cooking.
Nutrition_Girl Nicole Geurin, RD A Registered Dietitian, bringing the science and joys of nutrition to life!
Nutrition_gov Nutrition Gov  We provide easy, online access to government information on food and human nutrition.
Nutrition_Lady Leslie Collier,RD  I'm a Registered Dietitian and food lover! There is no food I won't try! I'm not one of those RDs who just eat salads all the time!
NutritionBabes Kathy and Lauren  Think Healthy...not Skinny! We are Registered Dietitians who are passionate about better health through balanced nutrition, exercise & cleaner living.
nutritionbite Alyse Levine MS, RD Founder of Nutritionbite LLC, a nutrition consulting practice based in Los Angeles.
NutritionBlogs NutritionBlogNetwork The Nutrition Blog Network is a collection of blogs written by registered dietitians. It’s a site you can turn to for trusted advice from nutrition experts.
nutritionbyeve Eve Kecskes I'm Eve a Registered Dietitian/ Nutritionist who empowers others to live a healthy lifestyle and feel amazing.
NutritionByJess Jessica Jones  Nutrition Consultant. Future MS, RD. Writer. Food Justice & Sustainability Advocate. Vegetable Lover. Host of Food Heaven Made Easy with Wendy & Jess!
NutritionCheck Heather Mangieri  Registered Dietitian & Board Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics specializing in nutrition communications, sports nutrition counseling & consulting
NutritionChoice Cynthia Clark RD CSO  Dietitian with expertise in oncology, wellness and weight management. NutritionChoices made easy!
NutritionDiva Monica Reinagel  Licensed nutritionist, best-selling author, slow foodie, amateur gardener, professional opera singer, creator of Nutrition Diva podcast
NutritionExpert Mitzi Dulan  Nutrition & fitness expert, coauthor of The All-Pro Diet, blogger, mom, appears on CNN, FOX News, ABC, NBC, CBS. Columnist for 435 South Mag. Bootcamp Owner.
NutritionForYou Nutrition for You  Manuel Villacorta, MS, RD, CSSD, Registered Dietitian developed Nutrition for You as web-based interactive weight loss program founded in science.
NutritionGoGo Patricia Bannan, RD  Nutrition expert for TV & print | Author of Eat Right When Time Is Tight | 30+ TV shows, including NBC’s Today | Former CNN Reporter | MS, RD
NutritionGurus NutritionGurus  We are a group of Accredited Practising Dietitians and Registered Dietitians who tweet about anything nutrition & health related
nutritionish Katie Hayes, RD  Registered dietitian specializing in nutrition communications at Edelman Public Relations
nutritionista15 Sarah Ann Cook  I'm a MS in Human Nutrition student at Winthrop University...when it's all said and done, I'll be an RD! #working hard #playing hard
nutritionistaNY RMW, MS RD  Rachel Meltzer Warren, MS, RD. I write and teach about nutritious, delicious food--helping women and their  families to eat in healthy style.
NutritionistaRD Debra Riedesel Private Practice Registered Dietitian, Helping women find answers to food sensitivites and intolerances. Motto- One woman's nutrient is another woman's toxin
NutritionJen Simple Nutrition  nutritionist, aspiring RD, and blogger
nutritionjill Jill Weisenberger  Registered dietitian/nutritionist, writer, speaker, consultant. I like to prove that nutritious can be delicious. Loves coffee, chocolate, wine & peanut butter.
NutritionJobs Stacey Dunn-Emke, RD - Jobs for Dietitians, RDs, DTRs and Nutrition Professionals.
nutritionkids Nutrition for Kids Registered dietitian Connie Evers is a child nutrition expert, mom, & author of How to Teach Nutrition to Kids. Also tweets about gardening and fitness.
NutritionKS Kaylee Sprau I'm a recent graduate from OSU and an RD2BE. I'm passionate about nutrition and how much it impacts everyone's lives.
NutritionLately Rob Masterson, RD Registered Dietitian, Health Expert, thePlate Community Nutrition Expert, Spartan, sports & exercise enthusiast, fellow foodie & blogger.
NutritionLeslie Leslie Schilling, RD Real food. Real people. Nutrition for YOUR reality. Specializing in sports nutrition, disordered eating, & weight management.
NutritionMattrs NutritionMatters  Food is an important part of a balanced diet.(Leibowitz) Nutrition Matters In A Minute & To Go. Carol S. Casey, BS, RD, CDN, LDN
nutritionnicky Nichole Mitchell  I am someone who loves learning about healthy living/nutrition and I'm studying to become a RD & P.H.Ec!
nutritionnohow Valerie Berkowitz Valerie raises the bar for health and nutrition know how with unconventional expertise and unconditional support for wellness.
NutritionNZ Donnell Alexander  I'm a dietitian and mum, and I like to keep up to date with what's going on in the world - especially issues relating to food, nutrition and health
nutritionorg ASN ASN: Nutrition. Excellence. Research. Education. Publications. Membership. Advocacy.
NutritionPro Elaine Adams, R.D. Registered Dietitian, Food & Nutrition Professional, who loves to see the sights on two wheels!
NutritionShari Shari Bilt Boockvar Registered Dietitian & Owner of Nutrifacts, Inc. a Nutrition Counseling & Consulting firm. Tweeting about healthy products, cooking, dining out & more!
Nutritionsita Heidi Elich  Registered Dietitian with 25 experience. Love nutrition, love to talk about nutrition. Have worked in healthcare or hospitality all of my life.
NutritionTalk Lindsey Toth, MS, RD  Registered dietitian, nutrition communications expert, freelance author, and food lover.
NutritionTwins The Nutrition Twins  Registered Dietitians, Personal Trainers, Authors, Spokespeople, Nutrition Experts for Brooke Burke's, Twins & Mom of Twins, Soccer Lovers!
NutritionVision Catherine Frederico  Foodie, Dietitian, App Developer, Professor, Photographer, Artist, Travel Bug
NutritionWise Nicole Meadow MPN RD  I'm a mom & a registered dietitian with my own nutrition consulting firm, NutritionWise, who is passionate about health, nutrition, fitness & food
NutritiousBytes Nutritious Bytes  My name is Heidi Titus. I'm a registered dietitian. I hope to provide you with nutrition tips, information and recipes.
nutritiouseats Melanie Flinn  Registered Dietitian, mother of 2 toddlers, wife to a Solider, Texan living in Missouri. Sharing my love of food, tasty recipes and expert advice with you!
NutritiousFeast Dina Lindquist, RD  I'm a Registered Dietitian who provides quick, simple tips about general nutrition, healthy food products and nutritious recipes.
NutritiousNat Nathalia Trees Registered dietitian with a MS in clinical nutrition who loves good food, good drinks, and good people.
nutritioustweet Amanda Sauceda  Dietetic Intern and avid reader
NutritiousWays Lori Clayton Pereyra  I'm a dietitian, photographer, & mom to 4 kiddos. I'm a bit goofy & a lot sarcastic. I'm just trying to enjoy this ride & stay healthy & sane in the process.
NuValDietitian Annette Maggi
nywfitness nywfitness  I'm on a quest to make this a healthier world! I am a RD, Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist, and Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist.
OneBiteBetter OneBiteBetter  Tara Mardigan, MS, MPH, RD, is a Boston-based nutritionist. She is the voice behind One Bite Better.
onesmartbrownie Carolyn Brown, RD  Nutritionist at @Foodtrainers. Advocate of eating&enjoying real food (with the occasional dirty martini). Sometimes yogi&runner... working on it.
OnlineHealthBiz Lisa Nelson RD Lisa Nelson RD offers support and education, to move your health practice online. Free report - Increase Your Income: How to Sell Your Health Services Virtually
OnNutrition Carol Plotkin I'm a registered dietitian with an interest in fitness and wellness and a passion for food!
oywisniewski Olivia Wisniewski I am a recent Dietetics graduate from UConn preparing to apply for my internship. I am passionate about sports nutrition and eating disorders.
PalumboRD Christine Palumbo RD Dietitian and nutritionist who is passionate about enjoying the best foods for optimal health. Good Sense Eating columnist, Chicago Parent magazine & NYC pubs.
PamRD_eDiets Pamela Ofstein MS RD  Director of Nutrition Services at eDiets - tweet your nutrition questions or comments at
pcatsos  Patsy Catsos  Portland, Maine, All about low FODMAPs eating for IBS, FM, SIBO; Editor:; Author: IBS--Free at Last!
PatBairdRD Pat Baird International spokesperson, registered dietitian, author, university professor. No-nonsense nutrition and health info. for folks of all ages.
patriciachuey Patricia Chuey Simplify-Nourish-Soar. Food/Nutrition Writer+Speaker. Book author. Recipe developer. Gluten expert. Dietitian. On
PatyAMag Paty M  Licensed dietitian, food lover, loves movies, bicycling and music - lots of it, fitness and health!
pdxchristianna Christianna Pierce  Photographer/plant-based dietitian/wife/mother of 2 adult sons. Veganism, minimalism, photography, travel, France, NYC, Pdx, Photoshop, digital art.
peacemealsRD emily anschlowar  Emily W. Anschlowar MS, RD, Nassau County, LI, NY
PeanutRD SherryColemanCollins Registered Dietitian for National Peanut Board. Lover of PB&Banana Sandwiches! Nutrition Educator. Adventurous Cook.
pediRD Jill Castle I am a registered dietitian/ child nutrition expert, consultant, blogger/writer, speaker, and private practice owner. It's not about eating, it's about feeding!
physiolife PhysioLife Studios  Melissa Bowman Li, celebrity Registered Dietitian & Certified PhysioSlow Trainer. Get expert advice and smart tips on nutrition and fitness!
PhytoK Krista Ulatowski  Phyto for phytochemicals....K for me, Krista. Seattle-based aspiring RD. freelancer. Fitness fanatic, nutrition nut, organic-obsessed.
pikatew Priya Tew Specialist Freelance dietitian (, advanced pilates instructor and fitness instructor all juggled whilst being a mum.
pjcphd Pam Charney  RD, nutrition informatics expert
PKUandHEALTHY2 Hunter Rametta  PKU and healthy, too! I am an RD enjoying the challenges of Lo-Pro cooking that's easy, tastes good, and is good FOR you!
pomelowellness Kris Eising, RD  Registered Dietitian. Pomelo Wellness- Fresh, practical nutrition
PortionPlate The Portion Plate The Portion Plate helps adults and kids eat smarter and healthier — and even lose weight.
Prarie_RD Kathleen RD Registered Dietitian working on an M.Sc in Nutritional Sciences. Lover of sushi & intelligent conversation. Rollercoaster enthusiast.
preventionRD Nicole M., MS, RD/LD I'm a Registered Dietitian working in diabetes and weight-loss. I love nutrition, exercise, and overall healthfulness!
profpalate Regan Jones, RD Specializing in the art of eating well (and sometimes tweeting pop-culture indulgences). For convos on my life as a struggling domestic, follow @MakeAheadMom.
PTFood Powell Tate  Insights from the Food Policy Practice of Powell Tate, the Washington, DC office of Weber Shandwick
RachelAOConnor Rachel O'Connor Registered dietitian who loves Chi-town, the Netherlands, pink, avocados, Bravo TV, and puggles:)
RachelBegunRD Rachel Begun  I am a gluten-free, food-loving RD; a food and nutrition communications consultant to the food industry and supporter of the gluten-free community
RaesKitchen Rachel Rodek Gargano Registered Dietitian, Board Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics (CSSD), lover of food, curious cuisine, and owner of RG Nutrition and Wellness. Hello!
raglandRD Rebecca Ragland  MBA candidate/RD intern at Dominican, Michigan State aluma, water sport enthusiast, ethnic foodie, aspiring world traveler, novice poet, advid reader...
RakshaChangappa Raksha Changappa  Dietitian | Nutritionist | Founder, Nutrewise, a specialized Nutrition, Diet & Weight Management Consultancy based in Bangalore, IND. Website
Ratatat13 Jessica Ratts  Undergrad RD2B at IU majoring in Dietetics/ADA student council liaison/Virtual intern/Love life and life will love you back!
RawDietitian Lorena  Raw aspiring and Raw friendly Registered Dietitian....My name is Lorena!
RBBermanRD Rachel Berman Registered dietitian, freelance writing, counseling and social media marketing. Cranky when not well-fed
RD_in_the_City Cassie Vanderwall  I'm a registered dietitian and certified personal trainer on a personal mission to equip and empower motivated individuals in their pursuit of overall wellness.
RD411 Dr. Nancy Collins is dedicated to providing free downloadable, customizable resources to increase productivity and positive outcomes in health care.
RD4change Amy Braglia-Tarpey  Former clinical dietitian now endorsing preventive nutrition and healthcare, with an emphasis on retaining the joy of eating and moving.
RDamber Amber Pankonin RD  Registered Dietitian, Guitar Player, Coffee Snob, Wannabe Blogger, Professor. Tube feeding the twittersphere while saving lives one diet at a time!
RDAmy Amy Marlow Dietitian, HappyBaby's Nutrition Advisor, mom of 2. I share (and seek!) practical tips about healthy eating, feeding kids, green living, and good food!
rdanna Anna Shlachter  Registered Dietitian that loves to help the public learn about nutrition from reliable, evidence-based sources. I am now working at the Egg Nutrition Center
RDAshleyR Ashley Reynolds  Media-savvy RD, writer, reader, strategic communications and PR expert with a passion for all things food.
RDChat RDChat A monthly food and nutrition chat on Twitter moderated by Janet Helm. Conversations will be archived on Nutrition Blog Network.
RDcoachchristie Christie Achenbach  I am a registered dietitian, personal trainer, wellness coach, specialist in sports dietetics and former Michigan State University athlete.
RDCorinne Corinne Dobbas MS,RD  I'm a Registered Dietitian with a MS in nutrition. I love food, exercise, nutrition, and health topics! Follow me to have some healthy fun!
RDdinnertonight Marnie Melsted RD  Registered Dietitian and Personal Chef in Whistler, BC. Passionate about tasty food and balanced eating. Good food = Good health.
RDEntrepreneur Connected Nutrition
RDfit4wellness Kasey Lopez, RD  I'm a registered dietitian that works full time as clinical RD & part time as a health and wellness blogger!
RDfoodgirlVT Nancy Fitzgerald, RD Wellness and nutrition consultant, chef and full on food and wine enthusiast
RDinNC Caitlin Benda  registered dietitian. runner. wanna-be pastry chef. dog lover. sports fanatic. cookie monster. world traveler.
RDMeg Megan Miraglia I am a registered dietitian focused on whole health. My interests include the health benefits of spices & obesity prevention. Get up-to-date research w/ RDMeg
rdnikki Nikki Augustine
RDontheMove Melinda Seff-Boyd MPH, RD and a military spouse currently living overseas! I'm a dietitian enjoying my time experiencing other cultures and traveling the world.
RDsOnDemand Dietitians On Demand  Staffing Resources for your Clinical and Community Nutrition Needs
RDStacyB Stacy Bursuk RD=Registered Dietitian. Nutrition expert interested in nourishing the body, mind, spirit, and twitterati. Board Certified Specialist in Oncology Nutrition
RealisticRD Lindsay Ek, MS, RD  intuitive and mindful eating, women's health, eating disorders, child feeding
RealLifeRD Vicki Moore  I'm a Registered Dietitian and Wellness Coach for real life...because I've been there and done that..
realliving2 Meri Raffetto  I am a Registered Dietitian and founder of Real Living Nutrition Services offering weight loss and wellness programs.
RealNutritionNY Amy Shapiro MS, RD Create a lifestyle, not a diet and meet your nutrition goals today!
realwellnessRD Tamara Melton  RD and wellness expert. Entrepreneur and business owner. Aspiring runner. Part-time Pilates instructor and professor. Love anything by John Legend.
realwellnessRD Tamara Melton  RD and wellness expert. Entrepreneur and business owner. Aspiring runner. Part-time Pilates instructor and professor. Love anything by John Legend.
RebeccaBitzerRD RebeccaBitzerRD  Nutritionist/Registered Dietitian/Health Coach/Business Coach specializing in taking the stress out of eating and running a business.
RebeccaRD Rebecca Mohning I am a Registered Dietitian and certified personal trainer specializing in sports nutrition and weight loss. I have a private practice..
Recipes2Fashion Amory  Fashion and Food by a Busy Girl on a Budget
RejoovwithMeg Meg Mangano, RD,CSSD My company, Rejoov, focuses on whole body health through Nutrition and Massage.
Rhea_Li Rhea Li, RD  Dietitian/Nutritionist, freelance author, nutrition researcher for children with cancer. Love traveling, fashion, sweets, and all things Texas Longhorns!
RimaKleinerMSRD  Rima Kleiner, MS, RD Nutrition and wellness expert. Consultant, spokesperson, writer. Specializing in food sensitivities, healthy cooking, women's health and weight management.
rlnatalia natalia rivera Soon to be RD, already licensed nutritionist at a HIV|AIDS community program, loving tweeter happy i follow you, love anything about food,health & nutrition!
RMNutrition Sally Kuzemchak  I'm a registered dietitian, writer, and mother of two helping other moms make healthy choices for their families and themselves.
RobertaWennik Roberta Wennik  Nutrition expert, dietitian, certified MBTI practitioner, author/writer, speaker, spokesperson, culinary nutritionist at
Robinsbite Robin Plotkin Culinary & Nutrition Expert, registered dietitian, foodie & Mommy Blogger Happy wife/exhausted Mommy to 1 year old boy and 2 Labs.
RoopJeannotRD Roop Jeannot Registered Dietitian. Excited about Food, Nutrition, and Health. Learning something new everyday! Connecting with RD's around the GLOBE!
RosieSchwartz Rosie Schwartz  Consulting dietitian, author, columnist, speaker, nutrition, food and travel writer
rudognutrition Rudog MMA Nutrition The fight dietitian for the MMA community. MMA nutrition education and consultation. In person or on-line.
runkarenrd Karen Hyams, RD, CDE I am a registered dieititian (RD) and a certified diabetes educator (CDE) by day and a wife and mom 24/7. I love to run, work out and play tennis.
runongreen Anna-Lisa Finger Registered Dietitian, Personal Trainer and Foodie- Keeping it Balanced & Sustainable
rustnutrition Rosanne Rust I'm a writer, mom, Registered Dietitian, consultant to the food industry. I helps people learn how to enjoy eating well for wt. control & better health.
RuthcareyRD Ruth Carey RD, CSSD Sports Nutritionist, kids, teens, families, healthy eating, healthy cooking, mom nutrition
Ruthfood Ruthfood  Registered Dietitian/media spokesperson; Consultant for health care, public relations and the food industry; Video productions, writing, marketing and branding.
sahimarasul Sahima Rasul MS, RD I'm a registered dietitian but that does not give you the right to look in my cart at the grocery stor
SallyCummins Sally Cummins Healy A registered dietitian with Edelman Public Relations who believes our connection to food plays a central role in all aspects of our lives and communities.
SamanthaHeller Samantha Heller RD  Registered dietitian Exercise physiologist Health expert Host SiriusXM Doctor Radio Helping people be their healthiest!
SamanthaRigoli Samantha Rigoli RD  I am a Registered Dietitian and yoga instructor in Brooklyn, NY with a commitment to health, wellness and nutrition.
SandsRD Sandy Wolner  Registered dietitian, nutrition editor and writer, and weight loss coach.
saracrd Sara Carrion Board Certified Specialist in Pediatric Nutrition, Registered Dietitian, Nutrition Educator
Sarah_HortmanRD Sarah Hortman RD  A Registered Dietitian passionate about helping others achieve a healthy lifestyle.
Sarah_RD2B Sarah Pierce SIUC Grad Student & Dietetic Intern just a few months away from officially becoming a RD!
sarahhenry Sarah Henry  Somehow as a mom,dietitian,massage therapist and equestrian, I ended up creating a socially controversial board game!
sarahjaneRD Sarah-Jane Bedwell  @SELFmagazine Eat Like Me blogger, Southern dietitian, foodie, media spokesperson. AKA: Nashville's Nutrition Expert.
SarahLudmer Sarah Ludmer, RD LD   I'm Del Monte’s in-house nutritionist. I’m here to help you understand the healthy, convenient and affordable ways Del Monte products can meet your needs.
sarahremmer Sarah Remmer, RD,CDE Proud wife/Mom, Registered Dietitian in private practice for Moms, Consultant to food industry, lover of good food/wine, Nutrition Writer and Blogger
SaraMcKenzie Sara McKenzie Happily married Diabetes Dietitian, loves food, wine and celebrity gossip.
saraRD2Be Sara Jafari  University of Western Ontario #dietetics student, #foodlover & #RD2be; here to share the fascinating nutrition facts I learn in university. yup, I looove foods!
sarigreaves Sari Greaves  Weight Loss Dietitian, Spokeswoman for the American Dietetic Association and Co-creator of Bridal Boot Camp at Step Ahead Center in Bedminster, NJ
SavvyDietitian Andrea Valenti, RD Clinical Nutrition Manager/Registered Dietitian...Nutrition Tips/Nutrition Blogger,Wellness/Disease Specific Nutrition/Sports Nutrition
SavvyRD Robyn Haaland,MHS RD Saving your diet, one byte at a time
SB_Food SmartBrief Food  Rebecca Pollack Scherr. I save chefs, restaurateurs and dietitians time and make them smarter as editor for SmartBrief publications.
schoolnutrition School Nutrition  I am a registered dietitian working to create healthier schools!
SchoolNutrPlus Team Emily Burson,RD  School and summer camp food service consulting and catering by dietitians and chefs. Farm to school and scratch cooking programs.
ScritchfieldRD Rebecca Scritchfield Dietitian helping clients manage a healthy weight without dieting (and I mean it). Creator of Nurture Principles and The Me Movement. Follow #mefirst chat.
scundithrd Stephanie Cundith  I'm a dietitian spokesperson for Midwest Dairy Council & National Dairy Council, I have a 5 yr old son & my favorite pasttimes are running & cooking,
selethaann Seletha Poole  Senior in Nutrition @ Univ. of Tenn. Knoxville.
shaimabelushi Shaima Belushi  I am a Dietitian,who is passionate about children nutrition and want to make a serious change in their eating habits.
SharonPalmerRD Sharon Palmer  Registered dietitian, food and nutrition writer and editor, blogger, and book author
SharonRichterRD Sharon Richter Registered Dietitian in private practice and consulting. Love to exercise: spin, lift, run..cook, laugh and great wine!
SharonTK SharonTK  Model, dietitian, dog rescuer, hardcore vegan, owner and queen of a smoothie bar.
shelleycase Shelley Case, RD  nternational celiac and gluten-free nutrition expert. Author of national best seller Gluten-Free Diet: A Comprehensive Resource Guide.
shellymarierd Shelly Marie, MS, RD CEO College Lifestyles. Foodie Fashionista. Nutrition/Lifestyle Spokesperson, Speaker, Dietitian/Etiquette Teacher. On NBC/CBC/ABC. Classy Mom 2 Be!
shelrael Shelley A. Rael I am a registered dietitian/nutrition expert, wife, mom, runner, cyclist, triathlete, foodie, traveler, UNM employee, and Nutrition Entrepreneurs DPG Chair.
ShereeVodickaRD Sheree Vodicka A Registered Dietitian and social marketing consultant.
ShopToDropRD Melissa Lorenzo RD  I am a Registered Dietitian, Licensed Nutritionist, and THE ANTI-DIET. Follow me for a one-stop shop on all things nutrition, weight-loss, and wellness.
ShoreDietitian Andrea Panaccione  Wellness/Sports Dietitian, Terp Alumni, Past Gymnast/Swimmer, Jersey Shore Native
SifuRD Claude LeBlanc  I am a Canadian Registered Dietitian working as an Inpatient RD in a major hospital. Been practicing Wu style Tai Chi since 2001. Bilingual (French/English).
SIMPLE_Health Amy Nickerson RD with 30 years practice providing practical tips on food, nutrition, fitness & health for all ages & fitness levels
Simple_Tastes Melissa Page A dietetic intern and soon-to-be Registered Dietitian delivering simple, healthy, and delicious eats in under 140 characters.
simplilily Lily Luc Trying to inspire others to become stronger physically and mentally. Teacher, Certified Fitness Instructor and soon to be RD. Other than that, I'm simply Lily.
simplysavor Kristen Carlucci Soon to be Registered Dietitian, self-proclaimed foodie+chef, fitness instructor, health writer + blogger, avid tea drinker + lover of all things chocolate :)
sjlighthouse Natalie Ratz  Pediatric Dietitian at Rush University Medical Center
skellypub Sheila Kelly, MS, RD  President of Skelly Publishing, CPE provider for RDs and CDEs. Passionate about helping RDs make the world healthier!
SkinnyCity SkinnyintheCity  Hippest nutritional newsletter on the block!
sklingerrd Sylvia Klinger Dietitian, mom & runner. Founder of Hispanic food Communications. Consultant to food & beverage companies such as th Coca-Cola Company & Grains food foundation.
SLaramee Susan Laramee  Clinical Recruitment Manager for Sodexo USA and Registered Dietitian
SMarceaux Seanna Marceaux  Director of Nutrition Services at Meals on Wheels and More, RD~ Passionate about family, food, friends! Love traveling, dancing, & laughter!
smiddleberg smiddleberg  Registered Dietitian and founder of Middleberg Nutrition
smileumbrella Siobhan Walsh, MS,RD Registered Dietitian and Wellness Professional
smnutritionist Susan Dopart, R.D.  Santa Monica Nutritionist/Registered Dietitian who believes in reasonable, lifestyle eating w whole foods. Author of A Recipe for Life by the Doctor's Dietitian
sne_ecatalog SNE e-Catalog A searchable listing of peer-reviewed resources designed to help nutrition educators find & use tools based on MyPyramid & the Dietary Guidelines for Americans.
SoCalRD Janice H. Dada  Registered Dietitian in private practice, consulting, & education. Specialties: weight mngnt, diabetes, sports nutrition, heart health, wellness, pregnancy & ED
SocialMediaRDs AppsfortheFuture  A place for dietitians to share ideas on how to use new technologies to build skills and change behaviors
SontheBurgeRD Sonthe Burge RD  Registered dietician with CarbLovers Diet, and nutrition consulting practice.
sophiemostly sophiemostly  I'm a nutritionist and dietitian, fitting together healthy eating and sustainable food choices
SoulFoodTherapy Renee Simpson, RD  Registered Dietitian, freelance writer, cooking instructor, blogger.
SpearNutrition Emily Spear, RD Registered Dietitian specializing in gluten free diets. Ask me about cooking lessons and pantry makeovers.
spiffytiffy3 Tiffany S I am a dietitian, wife, mom to 2 dogs & a cat & a new baby boy; lover of books, eco-friendly stuff, crafting, shopping.
SpinARecipe_com I’m a culinary nutritionist. Make #cooking fun; author, nutrition expert
squirrelbread HeatherWorkmanMPH RD  Registered Dietitian at Camp Lejeune WIC, food blogger and, currently, wedding planner (ours!).
SRobbinsRD Sara Robbins Registered Dietitian, foodie and mom who believes in feeding the body and soul with real food and an active lifestyle.
staceytheRD Stacey Krawczyk  Soy Nutrition Expert, Family Nutrition Expert, Busy Mom of 4 elementary school kids!
stashakucel Stasha Kucel MS RD  Registered Dietitian, Christian, and Momma to 3. Love helping people eat healthfully and normally.
stshaw05 Steph Shaw, RD, LDN Registered Dietitian: I work in an acute care hospital, I love exercising, I love my pets, & I'm a foodie :)
Sunflowr311 Kimberly Krapcha, RD  Dietitian, Runner, Beer and Wine Enthusiast, Photographer, Artist
SunnyDietitian T. Sunny Shahinian  Dietitian interested in health promotion. Welcome opportunities in public health, non-profit, supermarket, restaurant, weight mgt, education, speaking, writing
SuperiorWtMgmt noemi hernandez,RD  A Registered Dietitian and Lactation Consultant with an MBA. Nutrition expert in pediatric nutrition/lactation/weight management.
SusanBurkeMarch Susan Burke March  Author of Making Weight Control Second Nature: Living Thin Naturally-living, writing, cooking, helping people stay healthy, naturally.
SusanFinn Susan Finn Registered dietitian, communicator, educator and nutrition policy wonk. PhD from OSU. Past president American Dietetic Association.
susangweiner Susan G. Weiner, RD Registered Dietitian and Certified Diabetes Educator, Clinical Nutritionist in Private Practice. Speaker and media consultant.
swankydietitian Kristen I am a Las Vegas dietitian with a passion for cooking, traveling, and good eats.
Sweetootherapy Renee M. Simpson, RD  Registered Dietitian with a sweet tooth. Also @CulinaryRD
sweissrd sue weiss  Registered Dietitian. Individual, private, personalized consults available. Certified Specialist in Pediatric Nutrition, but experienced in all areas.
SylviaWhiteRD Sylvia White Registered Dietitian/Licensed Counselor specializing in Weight Loss and Diabetes. Have 3 kids, 2 with Type 1 Diabetes.
TamBeasRD Tammy Beasley  Dietitian. Passionate about wellness, nutrition and my family. Author of Rev It Up!
tamirossrd Tami Ross Registered dietitian; certified diabetes educator; author; speaker and consultant
tanyaking0 Tanya King Clinical and Sports Dietitian
TanyaZuckerbrot Tanya Zuckerbrot   M.S., R.D., Author of The F-Factor Diet
TaraDiversi Tara Diversi  Passionate about nutrition, psychology, balance, change, & communication. Speaker & Author of The Good Enough Diet. Love laughing, running, travel & people.
tcamardo Theresa Camardo Newbie RD
TeamNutrition USDA Team Nutrition Team Nutrition is an initiative of the USDA Food and Nutrition Service to support the Child Nutrition Programs
TeaTable The Tea Table Lori Way, MS, RD, is a registered dietitian and owner of The Tea Table, an online retail tea shop called The Tea Table
teresapangan Teresa Pangan Specializing in helping food, nutrition & culinary professionals leverage their strengths for excellence in their work, career and life.
TeriLichten Teri Lichtenstein Digital Communications Manager, Nestle HealthCare Nutrition. Accredited Practising Sports Dietitian.
The_Malted_Milk Adriene Worthington  registered dietitian who knows that food is more than molecules.
TheAngryDieter Brenda Murdock RD  entrepreneurial nutritionist;not so angry anymore;refuse to diet ever again;ex-stock trader;building a private practice in NJ
theaspiringrd Katie Andrews Nutrition Communication grad student at Tufts and future Registered Dietitian I just LOVE interesting nutrition news, restaurant talk and blogging my brains out
thedietitianmom Amy McArthur  Mom of 2 Boys & Registered Dietitian. Own a children's fitness company ( and offer FREE nutrition advice at
TheDietMaster Aidan Rankin  Living in Perth (Australia). Full Time Dietitian and loving it. LOVES-friends, gym, music, good conversation & art/fashion.
thedietpi Heather K. Jones  Heather K. Jones is a registered dietitian. The Diet P.I. investigates grocery stores, food labels, health professionals and more.
TheDietSheriff Emily Sheriff Miami University Alum in Dietetics and Exercise Science; intern at the Ohio Board of Dietetics. Wife to be July 2012. #RD2be one day!
TheFoodCop The Food Cop  The Food Cop is owned by Corinne Kantor, a Registered Dietetic Technician. I teach nutrition classes, provide nutrition counseling, & write nutrition articles.
thefoodtruth Allison MPH,RD,LDN
TheHealthierYou Jennifer Bianchi DTR Jennifer Shea-Bianchi DTR, The Healthier You Nutrition Counseling, specializing in Weight Management, Mindful eating, Diabetic meals, and Celiac Disease.
TheHealthyApron Erin Coates  I am a Registered Dietitian,trying to show people that healthy IS delicious!
TheHopefulRD Niki Klem MS RD Dietitian, chef & red wine enthusiast who travels for the food! Supports positive changes for health through whole food, plant-based eating & education.
themilkmama Milk Mama  Breastfeeding mama, lactation educator, dietitian, MPH, blogger. Looking to share support, info, and thoughtful dialogue about bfing, motherhood, and babies.
TheMojoCoach Debi Silber Health/fitness/lifestyle/personal energy expert,spokesperson,speaker,author & THE secret behind some of the healthiest,most dynamic&successful people today
TheRiteBite The Rite Bite Nutrition, Fitness, Corporate Wellness, Massage Therapy
TheSpicyRD EA Stewart Gluten Free RD/Nutritionist & Mom of 2. Love food,fitness {especially outdoors}, nature, photography, interior design, gardens, and nice,fun genuine people!
TheVeganRD Ginny Kisch Messina  Vegan dietitian, blogger, National Vegan Examiner, animal liberation activist, gardener, reader, mom to rescued cats. Author of 'Vegan for Life!'
theveggiequeen Jill Nussinow  Vegetable, vegan and pressure cooking expert speaker freelance writer blogger
ThicknThinBlog Francy Pillo-Blocka  I am a funny, femme, foodie, aficionado, successful weight loser & RD. I balance work, spouse, house, you...Member of FRAC, past CEO of CCFN.
thirstyworkblog Julie Dean I am UK Registered Dietitian & Nutritionist working at Britvic and proud mum of two. Sharing views & latest research from the world of nutrition & hydration.
TimiGustafsonRD Timi Gustafson RD  Clinical dietitian, book author, newspaper columnist, blogger, world traveler. Motto: Eat right and still have fun! Visit my blog for up-to-date health news.
Tina_Ruggiero Tina Ruggiero  Daytime TV Nutritionist. FOX Tampa Correspondent. Passionate Health Advocate. Author. Speaker.  Adventurous Cook. (Aspiring) Farmer.
tinahayashi Tina Hayashi Soon-to-be dietetic intern. Passionate about social justice and all things related to food and nutrition. Seeking wholeness and hope for all.
tinamarinaccio Tina Marinaccio  Helping people on their perpetual journey to optimal health...
tinardlifecoach Tina Szybisty, RD  Registered dietitian, health and wellness coach, homeschooling mom, travel writer wanna-be
TLCtheRD Terrie Clarke,MS,RD  Registered Dietitian, MS Nutrition Education, ACSM HealthFitness Specialist plus entrepreneur, sailor, amateur carpenter, nature lover, & adjunct professor!
tobyamidor Toby Amidor, MS RD Nutrition Expert, Nutrition Advisor Sear's Food & nutrition consultant, writer, blogger, speaker & food safety advocate AND MOM!
TodaysDietitian Today's Dietitian The premier magazine for nutrition professionals and a trusted resource on topics like diabetes, heart health, weight control, and more.
TodaysRD Today's RD Time is such an important commodity & we help you maximize it.
ToreyRD Torey  I'm a registered dietitian and outdoor enthusiast living in Chicago
ToriHolthaus Victoria Holthaus I'm an OSU Buckeye with a passion for nutrition! Always up for learning as much as I can, discovering new things, and having fun on my road to becoming an RD!
TracyKonoske Tracy Konoske MS RD  Dietitian w online nutrition education & coaching business. I help people use food-as-medicine...and I help people manage weight with a non-diet approach.
TracyNRD Nashville Dietitian  Tracy Noerper MS, RD, LDN: Mom, wife, registered dietitian, traveler, amateur knitter, horse lover & official dinner preparer.
TrainingTable Tracy Owens Sports Dietitian, and Clinical Dietitian, coaching athletes & active people how to optimize health and maximize performance.
TravelingRD Teresa Wagner  Registered Dietitian, Texas Licensed Dietitian, Child Health Advocate, TCU Alum, Sports Enthusiast, Mom and Media Spokesperson!
TrendyNutrition Jenny Westerkamp, RD  Sports/wellness nutritionist promoting real food as nature intended. Also, I am preparing the future of dietetics through All Access Internships!
Tri_Dietitian Tri_Dietitian  Triathlete. Registered Dietitian. Nutrition Coach at Life Time Fitness-Austin. Endurance junkie. Foodie.
TriciaSilverman Tricia Silverman Professional Nutrition Speaker and Registered Dietitian, Owner NuTricia's Lifestyles
TriciaThompson GlutenFree Dietitian Author The Gluten-Free Nutrition Guide, Easy Gluten-Free & CIG to Gluten-Free Eating; Nutrition Consultant specializing in celiac disease/gluten-free diet.
TrinaR_RD Trina Robertson Positive food approach: taste & nutrition. Tween Mom. Registered Dietitian create & evaluate resources @ Dairy Council of CA. Health literacy, edu, parenting
TrueLoveHealth Matt Ruscigno RD MPH  Vegan nutrition. Bicycles. Burritos. Cities. Adventure. Hip Hop. These are things I like. A Registered Dietitian working to keep vegans healthy and happy.
TrulieAnkerberg Trulie Ankerberg  Your food genie, nutrition expert (RD), health counselor, speaker, writer, recipe creator, mom, runner, biker, reader, painter
tspbasil Deanna Segrave-Daly Culinary Dietitian, Spicy Mom of Preschool Baker, Co-host of #kitchentool chat, Lover of bread, cheese and Prosecco.
tspcurry Serena Ball  Foodie dietitian, Partner at Teaspoon Communications, chef to 3 kids & hubby, lover of hiking in Montana
tspnutmeg Bonnie Johnson  Food friendly Registered Dietitian transforming the portfolio of BIG food, mother of 2 beautiful girls, girlfriend of a wonderful pilot.
TwittySmart Sarah Vaughn  I'm a Registered Dietitian currently working for a Wellness program for Police and Fire Fighters. My Goal: Be Healthy. Live life happy. :)
UarewhatUeat Heather Harrington  Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist and foodie. Short and sweet: you are what you eat! Let food be thy medicine -Hippocrates
updatenutrition Susan Fyshe RD Daily health bites from nutritionist/RD specializing in healthy weight & optimal health.
urkidsdietitian Dianne Fagan RD CDN  What Kids Eat is My Business!
usdaRD Rural Development  Rural Development aims to increase economic opportunity and improve the quality of life for all rural Americans through the delivery of various programs.
ValenCarpio Valentina Carpio Penn State University Alum BS in Nutritional Science, going for a MS in Food Science & Human Nutrition Recently moved to AD,UAE looking for a work experience
VancouverRD Vancouver Dietitian This account is curated by @foodessdotcom, vancouver-based Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist providing 1:1 counseling, meal planning,grocery store tours,etc...!
vanessaburman Vanessa Burman Dietetic Intern and soon to be Registered Dietitian. Aspiring breakfast food critic, alternative ingredient baker, and pet adoption center owner.
vanhats Vanessa Hattersley  Registered dietitian @innocentdrinks with an MSc in Food Policy. Passionate about making a real difference in the food system.
VashtiDietitian Vashti Timmermans RD As your very own Kitchen Dietitian, I want to help you eat healthier and feel great. Have fun in your kitchen and enjoy the gift of delicious food!
vegandietitian vegandietitian  Vegan dietitian, mother, crafter, and food lover.
Vibrant4Life Elisa Rodriguez  A dietitian conquering lupus with high nutrient foods, delicious plant-based meals, exercise, gardening, blogging, and providing online nutrition services.
VictoriaQWeaver Victoria Weaver MSRD  Holistic Physician&Dietitian w Medical Health Center Take Shape 4Life Adults, Teens, Kids, Diabetics, Celiacs, Seniors + Helping People Achieve Optimal Health!
VitaminMrd Maggie Sommers  Vitamin M: Maggie Sommers, MS, RD.
VitKnutrition Kristen Yarker Registered Dietitian transforming picky eaters into food-confident kids. Also farmers' market shopper and trail runner.
VShamanskyRD Vincent Shamansky  I'm a Registered Dietitian specializing in triathlon nutrition/training
vsrnutrition Vicki Shanta Retelny Registered dietitian/Nutritionist, Author of The Essential Guide to Healthy Healing Foods, Columnist, Culinary Consultant, Blogger & Mom of 2 pre-schoolers
WanabeGourmetRD Melissa Hacker Page  dietetic intern, foodie, passionate eater, wannabe sophisticate, cooking maniac, travel obsessed, wife of a homebrewer, and friend.
webRD WebRD Nutrition  Single Source Nutrition For The Medical, Professional and Media Marketplace. Follow Us! America's Nutrition Coach
WeighToGo Jeanne & Liz RD, CDE  Jeanne & Liz are dietitians using food to help people eat & live better. We offer in home cooking parties and classes, food demos and persoanl chef services
WelchsRD Welch's Dietitian Welch's dietitian communicating the goodness of grapes, from nutrition science to wholesome, tasty recipes. Family-farmer supporter, writer and foodie.
WelcomeKitchen Kim Lutz & MeganHart  We are a team of a registered dietitian & cookbook author. We blog together & celebrate all that is gluten-free, allergy-free, & vegan.
Wellness_News Dr. Sandra Frank  Registered Dietitian w/Bon Appétit, Sentinel News; Food Journalist; Mom of UCP poster child; author-Menu Solutions
WellnessPress Wellness Press Work site wellness expert, dietitan, cooking pro, marketing/media consultant, speaker, writer and working to improve the health of Americans!
wendybazilian Wendy Bazilian  @EatMoveBe =us Doctorate public health, Registered Dietitian, Nutrition head@ Golden Door Love food:embrace eating mindfully/nutritiously b/c itsa delish choice
WholeHealthRD Nicole F Holovach RD  Dietitian, writer, yoga teacher, and idealistic INFP. Black thumb wannabe farmer. Holistic-minded and moderately crunchy. Omnivorous locavore, yet chocoholic.
WholesomeRD Erin Lerner MS RD Registered Dietitian | world traveler | gardener | Chicagoan | wife | foodie | runner | husky lover
WingRD Sara Wing RD  Dietitian, Mom of Two under four, Wife, Home Cook/Foodie, Runner, Lover of Audiobooks, occasional gardener, Vermonter...
YasmineProbst Yasmine Probst  Adv APD/Nutritionist specialising in weight management and nutrition technologies. Loves food, loves eating and loves helping people do the same!
YBDietitian Sally Johnston Sally Johnston, Your Bariatric Dietitian at Adelaide Obesity Surgery. Author of Knife, Fork and Band, Your Healthy Living Plan with a Gastric Band.
YourKidsFood Your Kids Nutrition Foundation for Life (cupcakes included) We help you and your kids make the best food choices in the real world! Yes, I'm a Registered Dietitian.
YouRWhatYouEat Emily L. Cooper, RD Registered Dietitian, Nutrition Communications Specialist and Food Enthusiast
yvettequantz Yvette Quantz  I am a registered dietitian and owner of Food Therapy, LLC, creator of Foodspirations and developer of Customized Nutrition Newsletters.
yvonnemacrae Yvonne MacRae S.W.A.T. Ambassador, Registered Dietitian, Certified Diabetes Educator, wife, mother, sister, daughter, friend. My passion is empowering women.
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