Monday, March 28, 2011

Book Review: “The Skinny Rules”,
the 101 secrets every skinny girl knows

“The Skinny Rules,
the 101 secrets every skinny girl knows."
When I first heard the title of the book “Skinny Rules”, I wasn’t sure what to expect. The word skinny conjures up images of people underweight and malnourished. However, Molly Morgan, a registered dietitian and the author explains in the introduction – “Skinny is living a healthy and active lifestyle and it is not the size of the clothes you wear”.  In fact, the Skinny Rules are part of a healthy and fun journey through situations, events, physical activities, and fashion.
The suggestions and recipes are excellent and well researched from current experts in the field of nutrition and dietetics. The book is organized and easy to follow.
After reading the book, the title made sense. Many people strive to be skinny and Molly makes it a wonderful and healthy adventure.

About Molly Morgan, RD, CDN
Molly Morgan is a registered dietitian who counsels individual and corporate clients on good nutrition through her company, Creative Nutrition Solutions.
Her expertise is in the areas of nutrition communication and sports nutrition. As the nutrition consultant for the Ottawa and Binghamton Senators (NHL/ AHL hockey) Molly creates interactive workshops for players at all levels of the organization. Additionally she works individually with players and their families to create custom performance focused meal plans.
Molly has been featured as a nutrition expert by numerous media sources and publications including: CNN, Fitness, Health, Men’s Health, Readers Digest, Self, Shape, and Women’s Health.
Molly has won numerous awards in the area of nutrition promotion from The New York State Education Department and has been published in the Journal of Health Promotion and Practice (April 2009). She has been a presenter at the CDC Prevention and Wellness Summit and presents to numerous coaches and athlete workshops including New York State Association for Health and Physical Educators and New York State Public High School Athletic Association.
Molly is a member of the American Dietetic Association, New York State Dietetic Association, and numerous practice groups. She is certified in Adolescent and Pediatric Weight Management
To learn more about Molly, visit her online at:

Website. Creative Nutrition Solutions
Blog. Simply Nutrition
LinkedIn.  Molly Morgan 
Facebook.  Molly Morgan
Facebook. The Skinny Rules
YouTube.  Molly Morgan
Twitter.  @mollymorganrd
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