Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Registered Dietitian
Maya E. Nahra, RD, LD

Holistic Nutrition. "We take the time to learn our client’s lifestyles, belief systems and daily thoughts and feelings as we believe these all have significant impact on the body's behaviors, digestive patterns and current body habits. We bring together the emotional, psychological and physical aspects to treat the person as a whole."
   -Maya E. Nahra, RD, LD

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Maya is a registered, licensed dietitian, freelance writer, certified Synergia practitioner, and holistic life coach who has found her passion and calling in life. She has helped changed the lives of clients for over 5 years. With a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics from St. Louis University in Missouri, Maya is guided by her deep passion for holistic health stemming from her own life lessons.

She is an active member of the American Dietetic Association and Arizona Dietetic Association. Additionally, Maya is the corporate dietitian for Sunflower Farmers Market, a natural and organic grocer in the southwest, where her main goal is to educate the consumer. She also does smaller healthy catering events, nutrition education for small or large groups, and corporate health and wellness programs.

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