Tuesday, November 6, 2018

National Nachos Day
Nacho in a Cup

Nachos are tortilla chips covered with cheese, salsa, and may include a number of the toppings listed below. Serve as an appetizer or main course.

Common toppings:
Beans, Black, Pinto, or Refried    Cheese, shredded
Chili con carne                               Cilantro
Ground beef, chicken                    Chorizo
Guacamole                                     Jalapeño peppers
Lettuce                                            Lime
Olives                                              Onions, diced
Sour cream                                     Tomatoes
Nacho in a Cup

1 Tbsp Guacamole
2 Tbsp Salsa
1 Tbsp Black Bean Dip
3 Tortilla Chips, salt free, crushed
1 Tbsp Shredded Cheese, low fat
2 Plantain Chips

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