Saturday, May 18, 2013

You are Invited to the Opening of the Eatright Art Gallery

The theme of the gallery ....

-The presentation of food should stimulate the palate, excite the senses, and nourish the body. -Sandra Frank, Ed.D, RDN, LN

- When you prepare nourishing foods with love, passion, and creativity, people will delight in your creations. - Sandra Frank, Ed.D, RDN

Please make a donation. Monies raised goes to employ
Special Need Adults.

Thank you for your generosity and kindness.

Choose from hundreds of food photographs, graphic designs
or we can customize your own brand

All Photographs and Graphics are original designs and are available for purchase.
Cost $6.00 per design (exclusivity is available for an additional charge).
The designs are available only in a digital format (jpg; bmp; pdf)
Contact Sandra Frank, Ed.D, RDN, LN
for purchase
Thank you.
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the art gallery on the website.

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