Thursday, April 12, 2012

Barley Foods For Schools

When Dayle Hayes, MS, RD gets on a combine it looks like fun.

In the photo. Dayle Hayes, MS, RD and Patrick Hayes, a barley geneticist at Oregon State University.

A new adventure for an extraordinary person. Dayle Hayes, MS, RD is a registered dietitian, nutritionist and member of the School Nutrition Association. Dayle shares and celebrates what is right with school nutrition in America. She is dedicated to improving school nutrition environments.

Dayle's latest project is Barley Foods For SchoolsShe is "exploring new ways to bring the whole grain deliciousness of barley foods to school breakfast and lunch programs." 

Dayle shares her interest in BARLEY FOODS FOR SCHOOLS has a family connection - her brother, Patrick Hayes. Patrick is a barley geneticist at Oregon State University. The OSU barley breeding website has a news page, especially for food barleys and recipes.

Dayle is looking for recipes, tips, or ideas that could help encourage kids to eat BARLEY. Please like and send to Barley Foods For Schools on Facebook. News

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