Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Orange Juice Crowned
America’s Favorite Juice for Brunch

Press Release.  Simply Orange Juice conducted a survey with one of the world’s top marketing research firms to answer the questions: What City is America’s Brunch Capital? What's America's Favorite Drink of Brunch?   

New York was the winner by a landslide and orange juice is the official juice choice of everyone’s favorite in-between meal.  
Highlights: Simply Orange Brunch Survey
·   Sixty-eight percent of Americans agree that New York City, more than any other, should be considered the brunch capital of the United States.
·    More than two in three (68 percent) Americans think orange juice should be the official juice of brunch in the U.S.
·    70 percent of Northeasterners, more than those in any other region, feel that orange juice should be the official drink of brunch.
·    More women than men (48 percent vs. 40 percent) think that eating brunch in New York City is an important part of experiencing the culture.
·    Americans think brunch would be a crucial part of the experience when visiting New York City (44 percent).
o   San Francisco: 27 percent
o   Los Angeles: 21 percent
o   Chicago: 19 percent
o   Washington DC: 18 percent
o   Dallas: 9 percent

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