Friday, November 19, 2010

Wendy Jo Peterson, MS, RD
Registered Dietitian and Nutrition Expert

Wendy Jo Peterson, MS, RD
Roadie Nutritionist (TM) at Fuelin' Roadie (TM)

“Avoid committing goals to memory. Instead write it out with pride and
post it where it will remind you of the goals you have set.”

Wendy Jo Peterson is the Owner of Edible Nutrition; and is a well-known blogger known as Roadie Nutritionist (TM) at Fuelin' Roadie (TM). Wendy Jo combines her culinary background and her experience as a Registered Dietitian to help her clients meet their nutrition and health goals.

Wendy Jo has over 10 years of experience. Her focus is to help her clients achieve their optimal wellness while meeting their nutrition goals.  As a former culinary arts teacher and swim coach, Wendy Jo utilizes a unique approach to enhancing her client’s health and taps into their edible nutrition!

Wendy Jo received her Bachelor Science in Food Science and Nutrition from San Diego State and completed her internship through Utah State University. She received her Master’s of Science in Nutrition from San Diego State University. In addition, she become a Spanish Linguist. Wendy Jo has formal culinary training from such schools as: Florida Culinary Institute, Scottsdale Culinary Institute, and Johnson & Wales University.

The Roadie Nutritionist (TM) at Fuelin' Roadie (TM) is a website created by Wendy Jo in November 2009. The website is dedicated to musicians and keeping them healthy. She also has a blog which takes you around the country as she describes the music and foods she encounters. It is a wonderful place to visit.

To learn about the nutritional services provided by Wendy Jo, visit: Edible Nutrition.

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